Instrument & String Care

Cleaning cloths, polishes, peg composition etc.

Royal Oak String Cleaner

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Solvent free string cleaner for all string types. For cleaning of lightly rosined strings. 20ml glass bottle. read more...

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Lapella String and Fingerboard Cleaning Kit

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LAPELLA Sensitive Cleaning Wipes No. 31 are the newest LAPELLA product developed for the optimal cleaning of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments. T... read more...

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Instrument Pajama

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For full size violin and violas to 16.5 inch back. Replacement for or in addition to instrument case blanket. These high quality pajamas are made of specially sele... read more...

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String Cleaning Swabs - Pack of 10

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Pack of ten individually packed single-use string cleaning swabs. Use these swabs to clean rosin and dirt from your strings thereby extending their effective life. E... read more...

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Varnish Cleaner and Polish by The String Zone

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Developed in our workshop and used for many years. Thoroughly tested on varnishes of all types and age. We are pleased to offer this cleaner to our customers confide... read more...

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Hidersol Varnish Cleaner and Reviver

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Hidersol is a long established light cleaner and polish and will maintain a lustrous appearance to most varnishes. This traditional recipe cleaner and polish is safe... read more...

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Hill Varnish Reviver and Polish

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A gentle cleaner and varnish reviver. The Hill recipe has been popular with players for many decades. Original recipe formulated in the workshops of the world famous... read more...

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Viol Instrument Cleaner and Polish, 20ml

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A high quality all round cleaner for all types of varnish. read more...

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Bellacura 20ml

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Special preparation for cleaning and polishing instruments with shiny varnish. Made in Germany. Full instructions are included. Test on a small area of varnish firs... read more...

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Super Sensitive Instrument Polish

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This polish is for the musician who demands quality care of his or her instrument. The surface brightens immediately and will not show finger marks. Not recommended... read more...

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Planet Waves Untreated Polishing Cloth

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High quality instrument polishing cloth. Planet Waves polishing cloths are made from high-quality, double napped cotton flannel, which picks up dust and dirt more eff... read more...

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Planet Waves Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth

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High tech polishing and cleaning without cleaners or chemicals. Woven from microscopic fibers, the Planet Waves micro-fiber cloth acts like a magnet for dirt, dust an... read more...

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Hill Peg Paste

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The best known peg paste. Use sparingly on well fitted pegs. read more...

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Götz Peg Composition

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A composition for easing tuning pegs. Similar to Hill paste. Stick supplied in metal tin. Especially recommended for sticking pegs. Use sparingly to achieve the requ... read more...

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