Fingerboards, Soundposts, etc

Ebony Top Nut

Basic finish top nut in solid ebony. Oversize. Requires fitting and final finishing for height, width etc. plus filing of string grooves. read more...

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Ebony Saddle (Bottom Nut)

Semi-finished saddle (bottom nut) in solid ebony. Requires fitting and finishing to the instrument as required. read more...

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Varnish Cleaner and Polish by The String Zone 30ml

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Developed in our workshop and used for many years. Thoroughly tested on varnishes of all types and age. We are pleased to offer this cleaner to our customers confide... read more...

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Ebony Fingerboards.

Blank fingerboard of first quality ebony for full size instrument. read more...

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Violin, Viola and Cello Sound Posts

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Finest split pine by Pahler Alpine Tonewoods in lengths for three violin sound posts or one cello sound post. read more...

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