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Double bass

Double Bass and Guitar String Winder

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String winder. For rapid replacement of strings. Heavy duty moulded plastic. Red or black as available. The geared effect of a winder greatly helps with changing st... read more...

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Bass Bow Quiver in Finest English Leather

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Top quality bass bow quiver in hand stitched black or dark tan hide. Buckled leather strap and cord ties. The essential accessory for every bass player who uses a bow... read more...

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Archives Manuscript Book

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Standard bound manuscript book with good quality paper. Paper-stitched, folded, and perforated for easy sheet removal. 12 staves per page, 48 sheets. read more...

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Bass Wheel with Pneumatic Tyre by Xeros

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Manoeuvre your bass easily. Fits into 10mm endpin hole. Pneumatic tyre read more...

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Wolf Super Endpin Floor Protector

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Large rubber ball protects vulnerable floors whilst giving security to the player. Allows the cellist/bassist to change position easily whilst maintaining a secure g... read more...

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