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Cello End Pin Anchors & Floor Protectors

Rubber Tip for Cello Spike

4.9 from 27 reviews
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Rubber tip for endpin spike of cello, will fit spikes (the point not the rod) 6-8mm in diameter which is the vast majority of cello endpin points. read more...

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Multi Position Chair Anchored Cello Endpin Stop.

5 from 10 reviews
11 in stock

Wooden bar, multi position. Anchor to chair legs with plastic enclosed loops in nylon cord. Hardwood with green baize base. read more...

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Dycem Black Hole Non-Slip Cello Mat.

4.9 from 14 reviews
11 in stock

Well known anti slip device for cello endpins (spike). Made in UK read more...

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Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor

4.9 from 20 reviews

Strong, adjustable webbing. Non slip cup. Made in USA. The original and best. Professional grade anchor for maximum security and confidence. Made in USA. Not to be c... read more...

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Stoppin Floor Protector, Large

4.1 from 9 reviews
3 in stock

The 'Stoppin" floor protector. The thick rubber slab is profiled with numerous nodules giving a secure grip on all floors. Simply place the Stoppin on the floor and pl... read more...

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Wolf Super Endpin Floor Protector

4 from 4 reviews
3 in stock

Large rubber ball protects vulnerable floors whilst giving security to the player. Allows the cellist/bassist to change position easily whilst maintaining a secure g... read more...

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Cellino Cello Spike Anchor

4.3 from 15 reviews
6 in stock

Compact device which anchors via the chair legs, simple to use and very portable. The perfect solution to slipping endpins. Suitable for all standards of cellist. Th... read more...

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