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Small Cello Bows

Cello bows for children

Nickel Mounted Cello Bow G. Werner

5 from 1 review

Best quality octagonal Pernambuco stick, fully mounted Nickel silver frog. Made in Germany A very good bow for students at the higher grades. Traditional German craft... read more...

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Carbon Composite Cello Bow by Artino

Great value 1/4 to 4/4 size bow. Carbon composite stick, ebony frog and natural horsehair. Recommended for beginners and up to Grade 6 AB Student cello bow of correct... read more...

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Coda Prodigy Cello Bow

5 from 1 review

The entry level Coda bow boasts a blended Kevlar core with diamond weave graphite exterior to produce a well balanced stick with excellent strength/sensitivity ratio. ... read more...

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Nickel Mounted Cello Bow by A. Carvalho

4 from 2 reviews

Bows from the Arcos Brasil association are perfect for progressing students and will last a lifetime. read more...

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Brazilwood and Ebony Cello Bow by Franz Sandner

5 from 6 reviews

Good quality, reliable bows for beginners This is a nicely made student bow superior to most bows in student outfits. Ideal for beginner to about Grade 4 AB. read more...

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Tremolo Cello Bow

Strong, well balanced, hardwood stick. Fully mounted ebony frog. Good value,correctly made bow with a well balanced stick. A good replacement for outfit bows and suit... read more...

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Student Cello Bow by Dorfler, Germany

5 from 1 review

Excellent value bows from one of Germany's leading workshops. Number 6 in the Dorfler range. A simple, correctly made bow ideal for beginners up to Grade 5 approx. Fo... read more...

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Dorfler Superior, Brazilwood Cello Bow.

4 from 1 review

Good quality German made bow from a long established workshop. No.9 in the Dorfler range A well made bow produced for many years as a mainstay of the student market. ... read more...

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Col Legno Standard Cello Bow

5 from 9 reviews

Carbon Fibre. Black carbon fibre stick with fully mounted ebony frog. Well made bow with excellent balance and feel. Playing qualities of a much higher value wooden b... read more...

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Bravo Cello Bow by Jon Paul, USA

5 from 2 reviews

Steinway black high grade carbon composite stick with silver alloy face and nickel silver lapping. A strong stick at the correct weight makes this bow easy to control... read more...

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