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Chinrest Accessories

VAAGUN Chinrest Cover

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Microfibre chinrest cover. Added comfort, reduces skin irritation.Large model, brown read more...

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8mm Height Extension for Wittner Augsburg and Zuerich Chinrest

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8mm height extender - 1 pair for Augsburg and Zuerich violin and viola chinrests. read more...

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GelRest Chinrest Pad.

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Gel technology now brought to bear on the problem of comfort while playing for long periods. For violin and viola. The soft Gel pad sticks immediately to a clean chin... read more...

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Chinrest Comforter

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Fabric covered self adhesive pad for Guarneri (large picture) or Teka and similar pattern chinrests. Can be cut to size. Photo shows size of Teka pattern as related ... read more...

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Sattler Strad-Pad Chinrest Pad.

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The Sattler Strad-Pad is a soft latex pad suitable for most sizes of chinrest. Play with poise, assurance and comfort. NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH A LATEX ALLERGY S... read more...

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Metal Chinrest Key

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Solid Aluminium chinrest key makes quick work of fitting or adjusting your chinrest. Hole for attaching to keyring etc. Will fit the vast majority of modern chinrest ... read more...

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Wolf Chin Rest Clamps

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These clamps can be used as replacements for the usual bar type clamp on many chinrests. However they are designed for Wolf specifically and may not directly fit othe... read more...

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