Endpins - Violin and Cello

Endpin for Violin

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Endpin (end button) in ebony for 4/4 and 3/4 violin Taper fit standard endpin. Precise and tight fitting to the instrument with the correct taper is essential for s... read more...

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Composite Carbon Fibre Cello Endpin Unit

For 3/4 and 4/4 cellos. Graphite rod, solid plastic cone. A modern lightweight and easy to use cello endpin. This unit exerts a very strong grip on the rod due to f... read more...

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Glasser NY, Carbon Cello Endpin Unit

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Glasser endpinn unit with woven carbon fibre pin, steel spike and threaded locking collar. Features a collet type locking mechanism which provides a very secure gri... read more...

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Stahlhammer Carbon-Aluminium Cello Endpin Unit

Superlight endpin which can be used straight or angled. Made in Sweden. Aluminium alloy socket unit with two stage carbon fibre rod with replaceable hardened steel s... read more...

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Wooden Insight Endpin

'Insight' endpins give you the ability to remove part of the endpin whilst leaving the unit safely inside the instrument. This makes it possible to see inside the bo... read more...

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