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Individual Violins

'Antonio Stradivari' Deluxe Antiqued Violin by Lutherie D'Art, Belgium

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An excellent copy of a 1716 Golden Period Stradivari violin. Extrordinary craftsmanship and tonal quality for the price. Professional set up in our workshop. These a... read more...

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Artiste à L'Ancienne Violin by J Haide

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Currently unavailable

Top of the range violin from this well known brand. Fully hand made instruments in the finest materials including Bosnian maple. Beautifully made instruments fully ha... read more...

Our price £1,620.00

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'European' Stradivari Model Violin by Heritage Music Co.

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Exclusively sourced student violin in selected European maple and spruce these instruments produce an astonishing quality of sound at a very affordable price. These i... read more...

Our price £1,260.00

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Liuteria Maestro Violin by GEWA, Germany

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The world renowned GEWA company produces is our opinion instruments of outstanding quality and value. Exceptional sound for the price. These instruments are individua... read more...

Our price £1,200.00

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