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Suitable for beginners and up to approximately Grade 5.

'I Violini', Carbon Composite Viola Bow

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Entry level carbon fibre bow highly recommended as an ideal beginner bow. A simple, reliable bow which will suit all types of beginner and players up the middle gr... read more...

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Primavera Composite Viola Bow

A great all rounder, with the benefit of carbon composite being very hard wearing and durable. Round stick with half-mounted ebony frog with pearl eye. read more...

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Primavera Small Viola Bow

A traditional style bow specially made for young viola players using small violas. The additional weight over the same length violin bow helps to get a more viola s... read more...

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Brazilwood and Ebony Viola Bow by Franz Sandner

4.2 from 5 reviews

This is an excellent bow for the beginner viola player. This is a simple correctly made bow adequate for beginners or as a back up. Progressing players will require ... read more...

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