Foot Tube for Wolf Shoulder Rests.

By Wolf

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Replacement foot tube for all Wolf shoulder rests. Priced per tube.

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19/03/2015 07:58
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Quick fix

Pros: Easy fix to tired rest

Cons: Quick delivery

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Mrs Bell
11/06/2014 13:59
Sheringham, United Kingdom


A very good product, quickly delivered. Thank you
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Pros: The foot tubes for Wolf shoulder rests were used on my husband's glasses and fitted to the ear pieces to prevent his glasses from slipping down his nose so much. An occupational therapist suggested that they might be useful. Unfortunately he has suffered from Parkinson's Disease for the past nine years. It is progressing slowly but as he does tend to hang his head from time to time the glasses kept slipping down. The foot tube have certainly improved the situation. Thank you very much for supplying them.

Cons: The foot tubes have not completely solved the problem, but have certainly been a great help.

Other: Perhaps such an application might be useful to other people suffering from Parkinson's Disease. It took us two years to find a solution.

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18/03/2014 00:06
Newport-on-Tay, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Replacement tubes= good-as-new shoulder rest
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Pros: Easy to replace

Cons: None

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05/09/2013 22:22
Penryn, United Kingdom


Great, just use washing up liquid as well!
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Pros: These are just the right size and they went on perfectly. Although I did follow the advice I'd seen online, which was to put a tiny - very tiny - amount of washing up liquid on the foot and to let it dry a little before putting the rubber tube on. With that advice though, the rubber tube went on like a dream!

Cons: No cons

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04/05/2013 19:15
HOUNSLOW, United Kingdom


would give the shop 5 stars for excellent delivery

Pros: sent quickly/cheapish

Cons: Too loose for my shoulder rest, however my fault as it's not a wolf rest. Colour should be black/brown to better match the rest/violin.

Other: was hoping it would fit anyway :(

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17/04/2013 09:58
Sheffield, United Kingdom


Wolf Foot tubes, expensive, but essential!

Pros: They are high friction and grip the fiddle well so the shoulder rest is unlikely to fall off, easy to put on with the addition of a (very little) soap and water, let 'em dry before you use the shoulder rest otherwise they come off again. I had to cut them in half to fit one of my Wolf shoulder rests. The yellow ochre foot tubes are best, the black ones mark my light coloured fiddle.

Cons: Expensive for a bit of rubber tubing! Unfortunately they are essential to the working of the shoulder rest so they have you over a barrel unless you can find an alternative supply.

Other: Bite the bullet and get 'em. I knocked 1 point off the rating because of the cost, they're not a lot of money but for a little bit of rubber tubing it's a bit steep.

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28/02/2013 13:18
Ipswich, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great product, very quick service from String Zone

Pros: Great product and very eay to fit. It took less than a minute each.

Cons: N/A

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14/10/2012 21:28
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Prompt delivery and precisely what I ordered

Pros: Prompt delivery and excatly what I wanted. Would buy from String Zone again. Thank you.

Cons: None

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02/10/2012 15:49
Horsham, United Kingdom


Great material, great delivery, super fast ! thank

Pros: wonderful material !

Cons: nothing, all perfect !

Other: Thank you very much for The Stringzone !!!! fast delivery, all super perfect !!!!!! thank you very much indeed !!!!!

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10/03/2012 23:14
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good quality and CAN be fitted easily
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Pros: They are great! Did exactly what I needed and had no problem fitting them on.

Cons: If you hadn;t read how to get the foot tube onto the foot then you've have a terribly hard time trying to fit them.

Other: Having read info from other reviews, I followed similar ips to the following to get the feet tubes fitted...wet tip of finger, wipe lightly across soap, then wipe finger over foot of shoulder rest. Just enough to act as a lubricant to help get foot tube on...too muc soap and it will slide right off. But it was fairly easy.

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