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Kaplan Violin String, E Aluminium (Golden Spiral Solo)

By D'Addario

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Aluminium winding on a steel core. Loop end, medium tension only. Previously known as Golden Spiral Solo.

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05/12/2015 12:46
Bedfordshire , United Kingdom


Different types of Kaplan E Strings- be careful!

Pros: The older style Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo E (tinned carbon steel core) has been a favourite of mine, despite it's frequent whistling, as it has a bright and strong tone and is very stable, it has never broken at all, and adapts to and suits any combination of G, D and A strings you use.

Cons: However - D'Addario brought out a new line- a solid steel core medium tension which I would not recommend whatsoever. I have put three E strings on and all of these have snapped within 3 days of putting them on brand new. I believe D'Addario changed the material of metal to stop whistling, which it does do, but what's the point if the string lasts 3 days? Also the tone is dull and doesn't have a brilliant feel an E string should have.

Other: Be very careful when ordering this E String, make sure you clearly specify the type of metal the string is made of, as there is a huge difference in the two.

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06/06/2014 15:34
By Lairg, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nice string and good tonality on Harley Benton EV
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Pros: It's all subjective, I know, but on my Harley Benton EV and with the transducer fitted, the new E string matches in tonality the rest of the strings - particularly the A. I don't know if I am allowed to say what the other strings are? If so, they are D'Addario Prelude. The original E on the set-up I have was "over-bright" compared to the A.

Cons: Nothing.

Other: Unexpectedly, this was a loop end string (I think the description on the product page has been updated now) - but with a little bit of care and patience just swap in the ball-end from another, or broken string !

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