Innovation Rockabilly Red, SET

By Innovation

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Make a statement without saying a word! The Rockabilly Reds are a medium tension, red nylon tape wound set, made to replace gut strings for slapping. Like the Rockabilly Blacks, they have a warmer, darker tone with a softer high end that produces a lot of volume. The synthetic core brings the sound and feel of gut strings, without the temperament and maintenance of them.

For those that don't play slap-style bass, the Rockabilly Reds are also equally suited for jazz playing. Their pizz tone has great sustain and grown, without being too overbearing.

Braided core. Nylon tape winding. Gut like sound and feel without the pitch unreliability of traditional gut. Medium Tension

Note: Innovation strings do not contain any ferrous materials; They will not work with magnetic pickups, only piezo based pickups.

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