Larsen Cello String, D

By Larsen

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Larsen Standard, the professional's choice. Stainless steel wound string in 3 tensions and fractional sizes.


  • Steel wound professional string.
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
17/01/2020 14:44
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Classic high quality

Pros: Classic professional string, high quality and bright sound

Cons: Slightly too bright for my own taste and instrument, I switched to A and D Passione

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07/08/2018 15:14
Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom


Great string, felt like an upgrade

Pros: Compared to Jargar classic medium tension, very similar. Not as much difference than the A, where the Larsen is definitely more mellow. Here the sound is perhaps a little more mellow, but overall very similar.

Cons: None

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21/08/2017 16:32
Leiston, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Amazing customer service

Pros: Great string and amazing customer service from the string zone

Cons: None

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28/11/2016 10:34
Witney, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great string if it suits your cello

Pros: As for the Larsen G I've just reviewed: I've used Larsens on both my 1850 German cello and my Luis and Clark carbon fibre instrument and liked them. The c/f instrument prefers a Larsen Soft A and a Pirastro Permanent C. The German cello is fine with Larsens or Pirastro. Of course, every instrument responds differently, and my review is based only on what I've been able to afford to try! A certain dealer in Cardiff, where I bought my c/f cello and had my German restored, can let you try strings before buying, within reason. Very helpful.

Cons: No cons

Other: Swift and efficient service from String Zone

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02/11/2016 15:08
Devon, United Kingdom



Pros: Good service throughout, super speedy

Cons: Nothing

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14/07/2016 12:27
Worcester, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Great reliable quality

Pros: Regular very good quality

Cons: Price

Other: My son has been using these strings for a few years with no problems except for the A string

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Mr Christopher Small
14/07/2015 13:28
Maidenhead, United Kingdom


More pleasure by using Larsen

Pros: Purchased for my daughter who had purchased a basic cello some years ago but on advice fitted Larsen strings. Having loaned the cello to a friend while she went travelling it was returned in not very good condition (sadly) with a mix of string manufacturers. A specialist repairer said that being a inexpensive instrument he didn't feel it worth fitting expensive strings but my daughter decided to make up a full set again using Larsen anyway. Good decision. She says that even on a basic instrument the tonal quality, over the strings fitted by her friend, is very noticeably improved, which encourages her to play .

Cons: None that I'm aware of.

Other: If Larsen strings help to make playing more pleasurable they are worth every the price.

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08/02/2014 20:39
Richmond, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Larsen D string

Pros: Great.Smooth.

Cons: Nothing to say

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17/10/2013 15:04
London, United Kingdom


Great string

Pros: Beautiful mellow tone, nice to play on and extremely malleable to fit. It adjusted immediately to the instrument

Cons: -

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21/03/2013 22:50
East Finchley, United Kingdom


Great sound!

Pros: Great sound!

Cons: Expensive

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