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Retain your instrument's distinctive tone whilst muting.

Unique slot and notch allows you to produce 2 different muting effects.

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04/06/2019 10:42
London, United Kingdom


Lovely sound, worth the price (just don't lose it)

Pros: Really sounds amazing, way better than any other mutes I've tried Looks very nice When not in use, stays on quite well

Cons: Prone to being knocked off and lost Extended/high energy passages can cause it to come off the bridge when muting, if you aren't careful

Other: Would definitely recommend despite the cons

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08/05/2017 11:51
Utrecht, Netherlands


Good sound.

Pros: Sounds is what I was looking for, more close to the original cello sound than with a standard mute. Also some possibilities for variation in sound (depending on how deep you put the mute on the bridge).

Cons: Would fit even better on the bridge if the opening wasn't cut straight.

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15/09/2016 11:01
Wirral, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent mute

Pros: Pleasant tone and sound

Cons: Totally removable so easily mislaid!

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07/05/2016 20:56
Brighton, United Kingdom


Gives nice sound quality but barely mutes at all

Pros: Mutes gently without muffling the sound

Cons: Barely mutes at all - nice sound but a bit pointless

Other: Allows you to see most of the strings as it's rather small

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Miss Sarah Maycock
12/02/2016 13:20
St. Leonards On Sea, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good for retaining natural quality of sound

Pros: It retains a natural quality of sound, and looks very neat and smart. I have terrible trouble with wolf notes with heavier rubber hotel mutes, which this does not create at all.

Cons: It definitely wouldn't be suitable for needing to be very quiet, it just takes the edge off. I haven't successfully used it in the three different positions yet.

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30/07/2015 11:29
London, United Kingdom


Great for solos

Pros: Beautiful sound. Great for solos. The notches really work too, so you can attach the mute to your strings and simply slide it up when needed.

Cons: This make seems stiff and a bit plasticky compared with what I'd come across via other players, but being leather it'll wear in.

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06/02/2014 16:40
BURY ST EDMUNDS, United Kingdom


Quick Refund

Pros: Arrived very quickly.

Cons: Unfortunately the 'cello' mute did not fit my 4/4 cello anf had to be returned.

Other: No problem with prompt refund. Thanks.

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18/05/2013 04:27
East Ipswich, Australia



Pros: Very good mute. nice and clear sound.

Cons: n

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11/05/2012 13:08
Manchester, United Kingdom


Very satisfied

Pros: Best sound from a mute yet. As advertised it maintains a great tone while also dampening the sound.

Cons: still loud enough to make my ears ring somewhat after playing

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23/01/2012 19:32
Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom


A good mute!

Pros: Discrete, stays on my cello when not in use, two different levels of muting, as effective as larger traditional mutes

Cons: I'm worried about the wear and tear on the mute over time.

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