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New Harmony Wolfnote Suppressor

4.6 from 14 reviews
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3 gr. cello
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5 gr. cello
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7 gr. cello
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9 gr. cello
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Very effective wolfnote suppressor. Solid brass, easy to fit. Various weights, 5 or 7 gram works best for a typical cello Wolf note

3 gram usually for violin/viola. Higher weights for cello and bass

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
10/11/2015 19:19
Oxford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nice looking and effective.
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Pros: Very simple design with no clumsy looking screw sticking out or compressing the string. Fits on the string very easily and is easy to adjust up and down until the optimum position is found. A clear improvement in the wolf but I haven't eliminated it completely .

Cons: It's a bit expensive otherwise I would have bought a 5g and a 7g for my cello and experimented with them. I bought the 7g because my wolf was so bad but perhaps the 5g would have been more effective? Maybe I'll save up and find out.

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07/11/2017 17:58
Walton on Thames, United Kingdom


An unbreakable device that almost works

Pros: Of the available wolf eliminators, this is better than the standard cylindrical ones, and probably more effective than most. It reduced the wolf, rather than 'eliminated' it, but it also didn't dampen the resonance in general. I only bought the 5 g model, and it may be that a heavier one would work better.

Cons: It is a bit fiddly to tune to the wolf note, as you have to loosen the string to fit it, but that's a minor disadvantage.

Other: I've tried various wolf eliminators, and none works as well as a Tourte style mute wedged in between the D and G strings. Much cheaper too!

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27/08/2017 12:59
Doncaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

5 stars

Pros: Perfect for the job it is supposed to do, also very easy to install

Cons: None

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16/04/2017 10:46
Doncaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Easy to install

Pros: Easy to install onto the string, i had to purchase a heavier option in the end but nevertheless this still does exactly what it is supposed to do, just needed the right size

Cons: None

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02/05/2016 17:03
Reading, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: Made the cello G string sound nice and did the job perfectly. Easy to fit when you know how. Not overly bulky or horrible to look at either.

Cons: Difficult (but not impossible) to move it without loosening the string.

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22/07/2015 12:33
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

simple to use and discrete wolf note suppressor

Pros: light and easy to fit

Cons: nothing

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14/07/2015 09:54
Ross-on-Wye, United Kingdom


Worth it!

Pros: Great aesthetic.. Very effective at dampening wolf. I'd say it even enhanced the cello tone. (It must of course be correctly positioned).

Cons: Tuning (correct positioning) relies on moving the eliminator and this is slightly tricky due to the string being taught which clamps it in position.

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25/03/2015 08:59
Woodbridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

An improved Wolfnote suppressor

Pros: Works fine and easy to put on when you know how!

Cons: No information on how to put the adjuster on the string i.e. you have to loosen the string weave the string round the curves. I had to phone the Stringzone for advice. Just a simple line on the packet would have helped. Otherwise easy: no screw and nut to tighten or rubber inner lining to come loose.

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Dr Bambang Ariwahjoedi
29/11/2014 08:14
TRONOH, Malaysia

Keen Amateur

Ingenious solution to strings acoustic problem

Pros: The contact of the mass to the string is in te form of point, instead of long rubber mass. This will sharpen the definition of the position better. High density since there is no rubber materials involved. Easy to install, there is no need to struggle with rubber insertion and screw tightening. Fine surface finish.

Cons: None at all

Other: Better if they are available in a selection of a more wider mass ranges, such that we can experiments with.

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04/08/2014 16:35
Norwich, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

effective - though pricy!

Pros: Interesting new design for a wolf note surpresser. Much simpler and easier to attach to the effected string, with no fiddly rubber patch to place. Just a simple clipping to a detuned string! Seems to work well, and doesn't seem to effect the overall tone either. I acquired the 3 gram for my violin, so I have no idea how effective it is for cello. But would definitely recomend to anyone with a wolf on their violin (apparently rare!!)

Cons: Really quite pricy for such a small contraption, though if your wolfnote is bothering you and it can't be dampened by adjustment of the bridge or sound post, it is probably worth a try out, despite the price!

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