Pirastro Passione Solo Violin Strings, SET

By Pirastro

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Professional quality gut core strings. Medium tension only. Various metals wound on natural gut. Steel E.

Set of four strings in medium tension, ball or loop end E. The modern gut cored string. Old sound, modern stability.

These incredible strings are the latest strings from Pirastro designed to combine the best qualities of synthetic cored strings with the traditional gut sound. True gut sound with plenty of volume plus excellent tonal stability. Recommended rosin: Oliv/Evah Pirazzi.

The gut core of Passione strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand. The core sound is full, round and warm, with a complex overtone spectrum combining brilliance and clarity and a great power of projection.

Passione strings possess a fascinating diversity of sounds, which allows musicians to alter their tone as desired. Big and powerful sound with very easy response on all levels of the dynamic range Passione strings have a significantly reduced playing in time compared to other traditional gut strings.

Passione Solo strings are designed to produce extra brilliance and power for the soloist. They have a slightly higher tension than medium tension Passione strings.

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.


  • E - Silvery steel
  • A - Aluminium on gut
  • D - Silver on gut
  • G - Silver on gut
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
08/09/2017 15:06
edinburgh, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

best strings

Pros: Best strings so far. Very good sound. I love them.

Cons: Just a bit expensive but they are good. Pay more for better quality of course.

Other: I think I will keep on using them won't move to any others.

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10/03/2017 12:03
Gateshead, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good but potentially fragile

Pros: Wonderful tone and warm sound

Cons: G string broke within 2 days of fitting. Stringzone were excellent and replaced it promptly, but 3 months later the G string broke again. Not really good enough for an £85 set of strings. I don't play as much as I used to anymore and so I expect at least 6 months from a set of strings.

Other: Tuning is pretty stable for gut strings, a change of location will need 30 minutes or so to settle in to the conditions and then shouldn't need much correction from there. Sadly I will not be buying again because of the frequency of breakages.

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16/05/2016 09:45
Tintagel, United Kingdom


string zone is sexy

Pros: I love everything about these strings

Cons: the only con with these is that there is no con

Other: prompt dispatch and delivery

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14/07/2015 07:09
Eastleigh, United Kingdom


Pirastro Passione Solos Violin Strings

Pros: They have a very warm and powerful tone, with rich overtones too.

Cons: They are more difficult to control than synthetic core strings (eg Pirastro Obligato, Pirastro Evah Pirazzi), but typical of a gut core string in that respect.

Other: I'm not sure that paying the extra money for these strings is worth it, over just buying the standard Passiones. There's only one way for to find out, though, and that it try them for yourself!

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19/03/2015 01:23
Bristol, United Kingdom


My favourites

Pros: unforced tone... organic sound... good stability

Cons: a little thin (in thickness).. I always liked a thick D !

Other: been using these since they came out. Passione Solo was a big mistake for me... too loud.

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09/10/2014 17:00
South East, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Great string if you've patience to play in

Pros: These strings transformed the sound of my 18th century violin.

Cons: They take a good 2 weeks to play in, and agree with other comments re: getting accidental harmonics

Other: They are not such a bright sound as synthetic core strings and are softer under the fingers

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18/06/2014 10:12
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great tone but G string is not long life.
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Pros: These strings bring a warmth and resonance to my fiddle which is a German trade violin. Once they have settled, the pitch does not drift too much. A pleasure to play.

Cons: I have recently had to replace the G string somewhat sooner than usual as the winding detached from the core at the point that the string enters the peg box. As I put the replacement on, I noticed the winding loosening up in the same place so I anticipate that this string will also detach in a couple of months time.

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09/05/2014 16:29
Truro, United Kingdom


sexy strings
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: i love these strings......end of

Cons: i haven't got a stadivarius.......but no cons with these strings

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