Review of Kaplan Forza Viola Strings, SET

Dr Glyn R John
26/06/2020 13:30
Yarm, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

All Metal Beauties

Pros: Lovely strings that produce a strong warm sound, expressive and very responsive even with fast bowing, nothing harsh; even the A is sweet!. This set replaces Obligato strings that I have happily used for the last few years, but the new ones make my viola sound better than ever and make me feel a better player!!

Cons: Nothing really - yes they are expensive but no more so than the Obligatos.

Other: The Pirastro Obligato rosin I had been using did not give a good response and clean well-defined notes, so I've had to change to the Goldflex rosin which works a treat ( I assume this is due to the heavier all metal strings).

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