Review of NS-WAV Electric Violin by Ned Steinberger Design

30/07/2020 08:49
Tavistock, United Kingdom


Now even arpeggios are fun

Pros: Had lessons more than half a century ago so I'm a little bit rusty. I'm using the violin with a portable Yamaha amplifier a cable-less connection - and headphones to avoid a divorce. Altogether this is the best toy since I had a Meccano set for Christmas in 1957. The tones of the fiddle are wonderful and I can happily scrape away for away for hours with no risk of depopulating the neighbourhood.

Cons: None

Other: Comments rather than complaints. You need to spend some time adjusting the shoulder rest and then tightening it so that it doesn't move. Also the bridge seems to be leaning back away from the violin neck. Do I need to adjust it?

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