Review of Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings, SET

Robin Garside
29/04/2021 21:53
Sheffield, United Kingdom


Pirastro Tonica Strings sound great!

Pros: I like the tone of the Tonica strings, they have a good balance between bass, middle and treble, they feel good under the fingers, not stiff, but not too flexible either. The volume is strong, excellent for public performance and they are responsive to the power exerted upon them by the bow, in other words, they are responsive to the pressure and speed of the bow giving good dynamics. They last reasonably well too!

Cons: None, other than the price!

Other: The only criticism I have is when they have been on the fiddle for a few months of regular playing they lose the lower frequencies - the tone starts to sound 'thinner', so that is the time to change the strings.

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