Teka Violin Chinrest, Wood, by GEWA

By Gewa

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Ebony, Violin
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In solid ebony our quality GEWA brand model is a long standing popular design which suits the majority of players.

The Teka pattern (once known as Flesch) is probably the most common pattern used and most people can get on with it,


  • Ebony or boxwood
  • Maximum height 25mm over instrument edge.
  • Width 10cm
  • 4/4 violin

Customer reviews:

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14/11/2016 23:16
Axminster, United Kingdom


Attractive, comfortable and well worth the price.
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Pros: Good shape, and can be fitted very close to the tail piece, so that violin is held further onto the shoulder. Good quality rosewood, much more comfortable than plastic.

Cons: No cons

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10/10/2016 18:29
Ashford, United Kingdom


Try before you purchase.
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Pros: Excellent finish at a reasonable price. Very professional service.

Cons: Unable to use this chinrest on any of my violins as the cutaway portion to clear the tailpiece is not sufficient. I can rectify this problem so decided to keep it and will attend to it when I have the opportunity.

Other: I strongly suggest trying before purchasing. The manufacture of this product should consider re-designing it.

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