Ultra Violin Practice Mute

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Heavy rubber mute, Ultra brand. Muting level suitable for most needs e.g in own home. Made in USA.

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06/07/2013 15:29
Marlow, United Kingdom


Not very happy about it.

Pros: It matches what the picture showed.

Cons: It doesn't do much about "mute",the violin still make a loud sound.

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05/06/2013 15:23
EXETER, United Kingdom


Not for me....

Pros: Almost totally "mutes" the sound. Good quality construction.

Cons: This practice mute didn't really work out for me. In terms of it being a "mute" - yes, it almost completely limits the sound from the instrument - but in terms of it being a "practice" mute - its may not be quite as useful a tool. It is almost a complete sound block and the resulting tone is actually quite unpleasant to work with making intonation harder to determine and this may hinder practice. It only just fits very tightly to the top of the bridge - do not try to force it or it may damage the bridge. Even when on it doesn't seem very secure and it feels like it could fall off and damage the table of the instrument at any moment (its very weighty and heavy)despite the rubber coating. Another hinderance to practice is that the mute almost completely obscures the view of the bow on the strings and you can't see over the top. So, to summarise - in my experience, YES it will restrict and dampen the sound very greatly but for what useful purpose? Intonation and technique are impaired making worthwhile practice a bit difficult. I think needs a design rethink.

Other: Pricey for it is.

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D Bonnyman
30/05/2013 17:38
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good value mute

Pros: Very effective, simple to use - sensible price.

Cons: Quite heavy, but robust!

Other: Pleased with my purchase, as I knew little about mutes.

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25/04/2013 16:29
Lytchett Matravers, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Mute effective and easy to use

Pros: Effective easy to use

Cons: If not careful the G and E strings can be touching the mute ends and this damps the strings more than just muting them. Careful placement will avoid this.

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22/04/2013 13:56
Belfast, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Cheap and works well. Just the job

Pros: It's pretty effective and works as you'd expect. Your instrument is still audible in the next room, but at a level which is much easier to ignore. Going from this to a normal mute is a bit like going from a normal mute to unmuted.

Cons: Feels like playing with a bad head cold: high frequencies are suppressed. Then you start to get used to it, so that when you take it off again, your violin sounds whistly and strange. One star docked for the fact that my wife can still hear me practicing at the other end of the flat.

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21/02/2013 11:49
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Ultra Violin practice mute

Pros: Easy to put on and take off as required. It does exactly what it claims- excellent for keeping the neighbours happy. And at a good price.

Cons: Nothing at all to add here.

Other: Delivery was very quick. Purchased on behalf of my daughter who plays the violin, it's just what she wanted, delighted with both the item & service.

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19/02/2013 11:50
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Produces nice, warm, but quite sound.

Pros: - Significantly cuts the sound level. - Fits easily on bridge without falling off. - Does seem to cause any damage to bridge. - Produces a nice warm, soft sound.

Cons: - Due to size, can be difficult for beginner like me to see where the bow is touching the strings.

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08/02/2013 12:08
TAMWORTH, United Kingdom


The best choice in under ten pound mutes IMHO

Pros: Good price. Nicely made. Works well without unduly changing the tone. Easy to fit.

Cons: What's not to like??

Other: Great service from Stringzone. I'm not sure how often I'll need anything but I cant fault any aspect of my dealings.

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01/02/2013 10:53
Thurles, Ireland


Does what it's suppose to do

Pros: Light, cheap and and easy to use. Works as discribed

Cons: No cons

Other: An inexpensive, light-weight violin mute that does the job it was intended for. Very happy with product

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30/01/2013 15:03
Islington, United Kingdom


A great little device :)

Pros: This really helps when I'm at home and worrying about disturbing other people. It brings the volume right down to a level where i don't feel like I'm bothering anyone too much. It fits onto the bridge very snug and still lets my case close so i don't have to take it off every time. Very happy.

Cons: Nothing. It does the job perfectly.

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