Wittner Ultra Violin Tailpiece

By Wittner

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Precision made tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners. 'Space Age' Composite material combines lightness and strength. Benchmark tailpiece for all ball end strings. These tailpieces are very easy to fit with instructions included. Please contact us if you require advice.


  • High tech composite for lightness and strength
  • Precision brass adjusters in metal bushings for long life and accurate tuning.
  • Included nylon tailgut with easy fit brass nuts.
  • Made in Germany.
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
05/03/2016 08:53
Lymington, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very pleased with this item.

Pros: Very pleased with this item in all respects.

Cons: Nothing!

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Kate Bagenal-Lowe
08/01/2016 19:55
Wooler, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

An excellent purchase

Pros: It has made tuning to other instruments which are not at standard pitch very easy. I am delighted with it. It was not difficult to fit, but I had to scavenge a brass grooved ring from the end of another string, for my E string, (as it had had the only single adjuster on my old tailpiece). It was an excellent purchase, and far better than fixing up individual adjusters for each string. Good quality and good price.

Cons: Nothing

Other: Many thanks for the very quick delivery.

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15/07/2015 08:04
Desborough, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

The ONLY tailpiece to use!

Pros: Lightweight, stylish, easy to fit and strings attach easily with no fuss or bother.

Cons: Nothing not to like!

Other: I love this tailpiece have one fitted on all my instruments. Excellent service from stringzone as always

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14/07/2015 17:36
Holywell, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

High quality tailpiece with adjusters

Pros: Light weight, easy to fit to the violin and to attach strings. Very good adjusters. Generally very well made

Cons: Nothing

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18/12/2014 13:20
Cockermouth, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Worth changing to!

Pros: Easy to fit, included tail gut, looked neater than individual retro fit adjusters and ball end strings fitted snugly into the adjuster jaws.

Cons: The supplied tail gut only had a short section "blacked" and left some of the clear gut showing at the back of the tail piece.

Other: There was no noticeable change of tone.

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18/04/2014 17:50
London, United Kingdom


great buy overall

Pros: much better than the standard tailpiece that came with my chinese violin - fine tuners on all strings great

Cons: no instructions on how to set up the tailpiece (length of tailgut etc). as a beginner this would have helped.

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24/10/2013 18:37
Lincoln, United Kingdom


Wittner Ultralight tailpiece. good value . no prob

Pros: I fitted this on a pupils violin. Easy to fit . Pupil is enjoying being able to tune their strings easily. Does the job very well.

Cons: No cons

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11/10/2013 18:33
Doncaster, United Kingdom


best choice

Pros: highly recommended

Cons: none

Other: quality well built, very light, sturdy & tailpece has 4 fine small metal tuners & it will help to imrpove all round of tuning for violinst.

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02/09/2013 19:49
Tamworth, United Kingdom


A Super Piece of Kit.

Pros: Smart, well engineered piece of equipment. Easy to fit and does the job extremely well.

Cons: I can find no fault with any aspect of its design or application.

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17/04/2013 10:36
Sheffield, United Kingdom


Good service, good product!

Pros: Easy to adjust. Sounds good

Cons: 0

Other: Quick delivery.

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