4 Tuner Wooden Violin Tailpiece by J. Teller, Germany

By Teller

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Josef Teller premium quality tailpiece with 4 fine tuners. Top anchorage of the string keeps it straight exiting the tailpiece for maximum string life and ease of fitting.

Quality and luxury with the convenience of 4 fine tuners. The Teller tailpiece will give your instrument a traditional look of quality that comes from a solid wood tailpiece.

Precision made from solid ebony for maximum tonal range. The discreet tuners have the string anchorage above the tailpiece eliminating bends in the string which can lead to premature failure. This also minimises the risk of the adjuster pressing on the front of the instrument and damaging the varnish etc.


  • 4/4 violin only. Nylon tailgut included.
  • Overall length 115mm
  • French pattern (curved) or English pattern (ridged)
  • Brand: Josef Teller
  • Made in Germany
  • Precision manufacture

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