Cecilia (Andrea) Solo Rosin, Mini

By Andrea

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A Premium rosin made by Cremona in America. This rosin provides a powerful, yet sensitive sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and extra clear bow articulation.

Starting in spring 2020, Cremona in America will be replacing the name ANDREA with CECILIA. There is no change in the rosin formulas whatsoever.

Please note this rosin is now rebranded as Cecilia but is otherwise unchanged in its formulation.


  • 9mm x 42mm diameter block (Mini)
  • Supplied in a strong plastic case.
  • Made in USA
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
31/08/2016 00:50
Llangadog, United Kingdom


best-of-the-best rosin

Pros: Studies show it is the best rosin. If it helps my 7-year-old son in his practice and audition at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, it will be worth it. We also purchased Dominant standard ½ strings. I would recommend The String Zone and will use them again.

Cons: None

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09/08/2016 22:00
Kettering, United Kingdom


Good rosin

Pros: Very little dust. Improved sound.

Cons: n/a

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16/06/2016 07:13
Walsall, United Kingdom


Ticks all the boxes.

Pros: Excellent rosin;easy to apply. Possibly even less scratch in altissismo than its obvious competitor, but the difference, if any, is miniscule. It does not measure louder than other rosins

Cons: None.

Other: Packaging is strong and compact eliminating the usual cloth. The mini size is ample. These small advantages probably make this the overall best rosin in my experience.

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02/06/2016 12:41
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Andrea Rosin

Pros: good bow response doesn't leave lots of dust

Cons: no

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16/05/2016 09:41
Tintagel, United Kingdom


Love is.....a rosin that sticks to the bow

Pros: Best rosin available to humanity

Cons: I still need good bow control

Other: prompt delivery. S/Z are tops

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09/05/2016 14:36
Wales, United Kingdom


Definitely hear a difference!

Pros: I bought this for my daughter to try and she found that her notes, particularly when playing quick runs, were more distinct and clear.

Cons: None so far.

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Marco Brancalion
20/03/2015 00:47
Rovigo, Italy

Keen Amateur

Best rosin i've used. My favourite.

Pros: Very very good. Maybe the best rosin i've ever used (of the several high rated ones i used). I can get a very grippy sound, but in a warm way (not fuzzy). It leaves much less dirt in the string than any other rosin i've tried. It comes in a small version (the one i use).

Cons: I like everything of it, except the fact i can't find it in Italy at a reasonably price :)

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19/03/2015 09:12
ISLE OF WIGHT, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

My Favourite Rosin in 15 years of playing

Pros: The rosin comes in a very good screw top case. In use it has a smooth yet slightly gritty feel to it and the tones produced made my hair stand on end. Probably the best I have used yet (and I can assure you I have about 10 lurking about) Although it is classified as being 'mini' in size, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not (in my opinion) small. 40mm di x 10mm thick) I use Thomastok Infeld Red Strings

Cons: Not found anythig that I dont like about it

Other: Well Recommended

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17/11/2014 16:30
London, United Kingdom


buy it

Pros: Always hated the sound directly after using rosin, but this one is totally unique in that there is absolutely no dusty wispy quality to the sound, and you don't need to put much on

Cons: no cons, worth the price

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10/05/2014 10:45
Canterbury , United Kingdom


Excellent product

Pros: Everything

Cons: No cons - a very good product

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