Cecilia (Andrea) Solo Rosin, Mini

By Andrea

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A Premium rosin made by Cremona in America. This rosin provides a powerful, yet sensitive sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and extra clear bow articulation.

Starting in spring 2020, Cremona in America will be replacing the name ANDREA with CECILIA. There is no change in the rosin formulas whatsoever.

Please note this rosin is now rebranded as Cecilia but is otherwise unchanged in its formulation.


  • 9mm x 42mm diameter block (Mini)
  • Supplied in a strong plastic case.
  • Made in USA
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
11/08/2017 14:38
Todmorden, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent resin for solo playing
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Pros: The resin does what the reviews I read said it does; that is, it imparts a marvellous clear and brilliant quality to my violin. Fortunately my instrument is sweet sounding so it does not become harsh. I can use less pressure on the bow to achieve good penetration and keep the tone sweet. I need to apply resin slightly more often than before as the bow begins slipping sooner and the sound becomes slightly gritty after a while. I don't know how it would be with an already brilliant sounding instrument.

Cons: Nothing but please note above points. These are only circumspection however.

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28/04/2017 04:36
Shetland, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

One of the very best
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Pros: Great grip and tone. Really transforms the sound.

Cons: None

Other: I tried this after reading the rosin recommendations on the Warchal strings website. Their two top recommendations were Andrea Solo and Vienna's Best. Their tests were done by violinists, but having tried both of these, I can confirm that their appraisals stands true for cellists too. They are both superb, offering terrific grip of the string and wonderful but different sounds. Andrea Solo has more brilliance, perfect for concertos and recitals with a grand piano where you need to cut through to be heard clearly. Vienna's Best is warmer and mellower, great for solo Bach, string quartets and the recording studio, not to mention practicing and performing in a small room. I would not be without either. Incidentally, using these wonderful rosins prompted me to reconsider my string choices for my lower strings, notably as regards the Magnacore Arioso C string, which I previously discarded as lacking strength and bite, but now my number one choice of C strings!

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19/03/2015 01:47
London, United Kingdom


best rosin I have used.
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Pros: Clear sound. Need to apply less often. Perfect grip without stickiness. Great for all articulation.

Cons: Possibly a tiny bit too present for quieter orchestral playing, but I did buy the solo rather than orchestral.

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29/08/2014 16:39
Wokingham, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

OK but prefer other rosins
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Pros: Its in a neat little plastic container, it is not as dusty as some rosins, you do not need much applied, but more applications. Yhe mini cake is larger than I expected, it is not deep but will ,adt a good long time.

Cons: It has to be reapplied more often than say Pirastro Gold , I thought it made my fiddling sound too harsh/bright compared to the Pirastro on my Evah Pirazzi strings , mix of gold and originals. I had expected a mellow tone, maybe I should have tried orchestra rather than solo?

Other: It is pretty expensive, having read other reviews I think I expected a better product/sound. I shall try it in different situations however but will use the Pirastro Gold more often as it suits my bow and strings better.

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