Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest

By Bonmusica

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The Bonmusica violin shoulder rest. Pliable metal base allows for a high degree of custom fit.

This rest can be customised to a very high level and is ideal for players who feel their instrument can slip down, especially in the higher playing positions.

The hook can be moved to provide a good anchorage at the prefered playing position. Height and tilt in 2 planes combined with a bendable plate allow an almost infinite range and will enable the vast majority of players to achieve a comfortable playing experience.


  • Pliable baseplate for custom fit
  • Height and tilt adjustable-extra long legs available
  • Replacement parts available
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
28/11/2016 19:36
Huntingdon, United Kingdom


A great shoulder rest helps me to keep playing.

Pros: This is a really great product, being able to fit the rest to my shoulder and reduce the angle and pressure on my neck (I have arthritis) is absolutely brilliant. The added bonus was, for me, that the framework of rest seems to produce a far better tone for me to listen and play.

Cons: I haven't, as yet, found any negative points.

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02/11/2016 16:45
Dublin 2, Ireland


Professional fast delivery to Ireland

Pros: Fast professional service and reasonable price for postage, product arrived in perfect condition, within a few days.

Cons: nothing

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Matthew Keen
26/10/2016 23:02
Willenhall, United Kingdom


Simply the greatest shoulder rest on the market

Pros: Incredibly flexible and comfortable shoulder rest. You can really customize how it works for you. Stays in place when you play and doesn't move or slip.

Cons: No cons - love the rest

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12/09/2016 20:41
Brighton, United Kingdom


A little more money- for a lot more!

Pros: As a beginner, it's difficult to know what 'right' is supposed to feel like- does it feel awkward because it is, or is it perhaps set up wrongly? Am I supposed to 'get used to it'- or change it? If the more standard shoulder rest feels wrong for you- do yourself a big favour! Change it! This piece of kit is brilliant! Do not put up with discomfort- you will never get used it- and you will practice less. The Bonmusica is money well spent. Yes, it is more costly than the cheaper rests- for a very good reason- it works! The build quality is excellent- well designed, you will find the right fit. Highly recommended.

Cons: It's a bit fiddly (pun intended!). But don't let that put you off- it should take you no more than half an hour to figure it out and fit it. And it is well worth the effort- I'm an engineer, but if your not confident with nuts and bolts and stuff, get a friend to hold the violin whilst you make the minor adjustments.

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18/08/2016 11:24
Peterborough, United Kingdom


Great Service

Pros: Great service and great product. Also very price competitive. Will be recommending the product and the website to my friends.

Cons: There wasn't anything I didn't like.

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Mr Barry Langston
17/07/2015 20:44
Beccles, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great product and great service from string zone

Pros: I liked the way that it hooked over your shoulder and could be formed to fit the contours of your individual body shape. I found it the most comfortable and secure shoulder rest that I have ever had, leaving your left hand free to concentrate on playing ,not supporting the instrument.

Cons: I liked everything about it.

Other: I have bought one for my viola and wouldn't be without them. A little more pricey then others I have had but well worth the price.

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16/07/2015 14:35
Brighouse, United Kingdom


Comfortable shoulder rest...worth buying.

Pros: Much more comfortable than any other shoulder rest I've tried - much more adjustments possible to get it to fit over your shoulder properly....would recommend.

Cons: A little tight fitting across the violin and will not go back as far as I would like, but it hasn't been a big problem.

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20/03/2015 10:36
Chichester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very comfortable shoulder rest

Pros: This holds the violin more securely and comfortably than any other shoulder rest I have tried and allows my left arm to be relaxed. It can be adjusted to fit, and the extra width as well as the hook over the shoulder both seem to help keep it secure.

Cons: Doesn't fit in the violin case and looks a bit cumbersome (but you don't notice that when you're using it!)

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05/01/2015 20:22
Craven Arms, United Kingdom


Well made, easily adjustable, does the job !

Pros: Excellent shoulder rest... Supports the fiddle really well on my shoulder, preventing the tendency for it to slip forwards. Easily adjustable.

Cons: A bit expensive for what it is, but there is nothing else like it on the market

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01/01/2015 11:50
Esher, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Bonmusica shoulder rest

Pros: Having had a shoulder operation a few years ago I was finding it difficult to hold my violin for more than a few minutes. The new rest takes all the strain and tension away.

Cons: The rest was rather tight on my instrument and the instructions to alter it are rather sketchy and difficult to follow.

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