Boveda '2 Way Humidity Control System', Large Instrument Kit - 70g / 49%

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The Boveda '2 Way Humidity Control System' large instrument kit is best suited to Cello, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitars and large woodwind instruments (i.e Bassoon).

Achieves and maintains a constant relative humidity (RH) range between 40% and 60%, the industry standard for wooden instruments.

Boveda creates the perfect humidity balance for your wood instrument. This clever system automatically maintains the humidity inside your case to a safe level. Using this product means there is no longer a need for extra humidity readers or gauges. Boveda automatically adds and absorbs moisture slowly and precisely using only pure water and natural salts.

Extremely simple to use and requires no maintenance other than replacing the pouch once it reaches the end of its lifetime.

The 'Large Instrument Kit' includes 1x 'Boveda Leakproof Holder' and 4x 'Boveda Humidity Control Packets'.

Replacement packs are available here, containing 4 x Boveda humidity control pouches in a re-sealable pouch.


  • Maintains an ideal relative humidity range for large woodwind instruments.
  • Prevents humidity fluctuation.
  • Reduces cracking, contraction & expansion of wooden instruments.
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