GEWA Pure Bow Case

By Gewa

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Storage case with individual bays for 6 or 12 violin, viola or cello bows. Wooden shell, plush lined with fitted canvas cover. Zip close and carrying handle. A flap at one end secures bows into the case.


  • Wooden shell
  • Fixed canvas cover
  • Double zip closure
  • Carrying handle
  • 6 bow option weight: 1.7kg

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
30/08/2019 12:19
London, United Kingdom


Nice quality German product, but not bomb-proof
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Pros: Nicely made, attractive, etc.

Cons: Could do with more cushioning for each end of the bow, especially for the bow tips - overall the interior is a bit hard, and the bows can be jolted badly if the case is dropped.

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20/04/2021 10:30
Hitchin, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good value six bow case, but could be better.
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Pros: Good quality build. Soft interior to protect the bows.

Cons: The 6 bow case doesn't have the cover for the tips of the bows and the flap at the frog end which the 12 bow case has. It would be good it it did and for the price compared to the 12 bow case I think it should. A couple of times I've opened it upside down (it's not 100% clear which is the top until you get used to it) and the bows became a jumble.

Other: Although the lack of the inside cover and flap is a problem with the GEWA case and not Stringzone, I think the description on the website should be clearer that the 6 bow case doesn't come with these.

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12/05/2021 12:42
Canterbury, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good value - well-made, robust, easy to use

Pros: very good value - well-made, robust and convenient to use

Cons: None

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17/07/2020 21:11
NEWCASTLE, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

My second bow case - this one better value.

Pros: I already have a good 12 bow case but this one is better. The light colour velour lining does not show rosin and the one piece retainer flap is more effective that the push fit on my other case.

Cons: In general bow cases are a silly price - this one is the most sensible I've come across so probably a 'Pro' more than a con.

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