Warchal Brilliant Violin String, G

By Warchal

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Silver on synthetic core, Medium gauge

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28/09/2013 11:06
Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Superb Tone
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Pros: This 'G' string manages to retain its warmth and depth of tone, without compromising the brilliance needed for projection of sound.

Cons: The inner packets are very tough, so difficult to open. Care should be taken to avoid buckling the string before removing it from its packaging.

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27/10/2020 20:15
King's Lynn, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Powerful and richer tone than the EP Gold G

Pros: I put this string on my violin as the EP Gold G was a bit softer and more flabby than the D. My violin tends to be brighter on the top, so it needed a stronger sound, but I favour warmth rather than brashness. Reviews on the Warchal Brilliant sounded promising, so I tried it out. It has certainly lived up to expectations, with a rich, strong sound that carries well. The string settled quickly and did not change particularly over the first week or so, unlike a viola C that I put on my wife's viola, which "skated" when bowed, but settled OK in a week. I love it!

Cons: None

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08/04/2019 16:28
Worcester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A quality violin string

Pros: The string sounds good and settled quickly. I have found some other G strings have gone a bit "glassy" and failed to respond without heavy bow pressure. However the Warchal is still very responsive, and also holds pitch well.

Cons: None

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