Steel Cable Tailpiece Loop

By Glasser

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Super strong, no stretch steel wire loop with black Nylon cover. 2 brass nuts for easy adjustment. ONLY SUITABLE FOR PLASTIC AND METAL TAILPIECES WITH HOLLOW UNDERSIDES.


  • Nylon covered steel cable.
  • 2 brass nuts for easy fitting
  • No stretch.
  • Made in USA

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
21/08/2017 15:53
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Best tailgut ever

Pros: I love these carbon fibre tailpiece guts they are so much better than the usual thick nylon ones. They increase the the volume noticeably when used with my Pernambuco tailpieces. Despite Stringzone saying they can't be used with wooden tailpieces, they can be used on wooden ones, if you don't mind taking a small chisel to the area where they're fitted.

Cons: Not really any downside to these.

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14/09/2015 17:10
London, United Kingdom


The best tailgut I've ever used

Pros: This, without a doubt, beats all the hard nylon tailguts. Very easy to fit and stays in place better than the nylon ones and unlike the steel braided wire ones, it won't eventually rust through (yes they do rust if water gains ingress to them as I discovered when one of them gave way on my upright bass whilst at a small folk festival in the middle of nowhere)

Cons: so far I've not discovered any "Don't Likes"

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