Carrera Cello Bow by Jon Paul, USA

By Jon Paul

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The latest model in the Jon Paul range of bows. One piece professional grade carbon stick, full Sterling silver mounts.

While the Carrera includes the classic features of our other models (one piece construction, etc.), special attention is given to each aspect of bow making to achieve yet another level of playing and sound. Improvements are made in balance, weight, and flexibility, not just to enhance the techniques of the player, but to create the warm, rich, and powerful tones of the best wooden bows. The appearance is also enhanced with a textured, “varnished” finish. Unique and beautiful, yet the classic red-brown colors are discreet enough to blend into any collection.

This bow is available on our 7 day approval scheme. For details click here

Weight given is for a typical 4/4 example and is for guidance only. Please contact us if you require the exact weight of a particular bow.


  • One piece professional quality carbon stick
  • Frog of fine grained selected ebony with full Sterling silver mounts, Parisian eye and pearl slide.
  • Sterling silver lapping with leather thumb grip
  • Silver alloy face plate.
  • Individual serial no.
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 80 grams

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
02/02/2016 13:05
Sidmouth, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Carbon fibre rules OK!

Pros: Excellent balance and very responsive. Attractively presented, looking like wood without striving for artificial effect. I preferred it to two pernambuco bows that cost 25% more.

Cons: Occasionally, I find it difficult to generate full power - but that's my deficiency rather than the bow's

Other: Excellent service by The String Zone.

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25/01/2016 15:28
Sidmouth, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Just what I was looking for

Pros: Balance; bounce; speed of response. This is also very good to look at; an excellent carbon fibre bow that I preferred to two good quality pernambuco and one other carbon fibre bows.

Cons: Nothing really. The tightener is hard to turn but I'm hoping this is because it is brand new.

Other: Very good service from the String zone; thank you.

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