Wolf Super Endpin Floor Protector

By Wolf

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Large rubber ball protects vulnerable floors whilst giving security to the player. Allows the cellist/bassist to change position easily whilst maintaining a secure grip to the floor surface. Easily fitted and removed. For any spike up to 10mm in diameter.


  • 35mm diameter rubber ball.
  • Steel socket with 3 locking screws
  • For spikes up to 10mm diameter

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
27/12/2013 19:22
BRISTOL, United Kingdom


No good on carpet
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Pros: Nicely made and easy to fit. I have a semi-rigid case and keep knee-capping myself with my cello's spike. This protector is execellent at protecting my anatomy and the general environment and is small enough to go through the spike hole in the case.

Cons: Hopeless at keeping instrument from sliding around on carpeted floor (have not tried other floor coverings).

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29/10/2011 09:44
Bristol, United Kingdom


It serves the purpose for which I required it.
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Pros: I find it enables me to move quickly from room to room when I am taking cello sectional rehearsals as I can just pick up the cello and go. It also protects my case and the legs of anyone walking past.

Cons: I wouldn't be able to use it in my professional playing life, as it still slips on various types of floor.

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26/10/2012 10:51
Norrköping, Sweden


Thanks for fast delivery to Sweden. Great!
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Pros: It´s a exellent help when playing Upright Bas!

Cons: Nothing

Other: Superb and quick delivery from thestringzone! Thanks!

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15/02/2011 18:37
Brighton, United Kingdom


Great product

Pros: It was straight forward to put on and does exactly what it says it does. It's easy to remove, should one choose to do so but doesn't fall off if you don't!

Cons: Nothing

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