Cello Practice Mute by GEWA

By Gewa

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Rubber clad metal mute. This mute provides a level of muting in between the 'Ultra' rubber and the heavy metal mute. Some tonal variation is still apparent but less so than with the 'Ultra'


  • 4 pronged metal mute encased in soft rubber.
  • Effective muting for home, flats, etc

Customer reviews:

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WJ Keng
12/05/2012 19:08
Southampton, United Kingdom


Mutes well but affects the sound quality

Pros: It really mutes but changes the quality of sound significantly

Cons: Although it does what it is supposed to, the quality of the strings / sound is very much affected. I suggest getting the performance mute instead - the level of muting is less but the quality much better preserved.

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23/03/2011 20:33
Tempio Pausania, Italy


great mute!!!

Pros: Lighter than the metallic one but more stable due to the rubber structure: in this way you can avoid injuries to your instrument

Cons: Nothing

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08/03/2011 10:53
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Kills sound, doesn't compromise it.
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Pros: Cuts the sound but does not change the sound of your cello. Its compact and easy to apply to the bridge.

Cons: It might hide a few of your mistakes which can be problem over fast repertoire. Extremely heavy so if you forget to take it off and put the cello down, it could do some damage.

Other: This is a great gadget for using when you don't to disturb people at night (especially in student halls) or you want to play to yourself in the green room before a concert. A fantastic little item which is well worth the money.

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23/10/2012 07:10
Bedford, United Kingdom


Great service and support. Recommended
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Pros: I found the whole experience very good. Delivery of my Gewa mute was swift and subsequent telephone support was equally good. I will definitely be using the String Zone for my future purchases and can highly recommend them.

Cons: None.

Other: The Gewa did not quite fit my bridge but I found that it can be altered with the aid of a set of small metal files and a little patience. Now fits like a glove. The rubber coating can be reformed to suit your needs.

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23/12/2011 15:09
Bath, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Very effective product
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Pros: Mutes very effectively enabling me to practice in a flat. Holds on well to the bridge too. Fantastic product.

Cons: It is fairly tight on the bridge so it wouldn't be suitable if you had a wider bridge than average. It does dramatically alter the tone produced so wouldn't be useful for that side of practising, only for technique.

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15/02/2011 22:48
Upminster, United Kingdom


Good, but can still make enough noise to disturb!
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Pros: Doesn't damage the bride, most effective mute I have tried, and not too expensive

Cons: Still not effective enough, and extremely heavy so possibility of causing damage if dropped

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