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By Gewa

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Rubber clad metal mute. This mute provides a level of muting in between the 'Ultra' rubber and the heavy metal mute. Some tonal variation is still apparent but less so than with the 'Ultra'


  • 4 pronged metal mute encased in soft rubber.
  • Effective muting for home, flats, etc

Customer reviews:

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26/09/2015 09:56
Hope Valley, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very pleased I bought this
3 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Really does mute the sound!! The higher registers (the A string generally and high positions especially) are particularly well muted. Also I have a thick bridge (c4mm wide at the top) which was a worry, but the mute fitted just fine.

Cons: Nothing it met all my needs

Other: I found it has helped enormously with practice because when playing with the mute, intonation, sound quality etc become even more clear and obvious. Also it helps because you really do make a big sound when you take it off.

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28/08/2015 19:27
Wales, United Kingdom


Great for nitty gritty note-learning & practice.
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Pros: I'm really quite impressed with this mute. It certainly does a good job of curbing the sound of the 'cello to a reasonable level for practice in the home and for lengthy practice sessions. Inevitably, it doesn't make the instrument completely 'quiet', more to the level of the radio in the back-ground, to my ear at any rate. This is very helpful. I have two instruments, one of which is particularly loud, and this mute means that I can now practice in a modern terraced house with relatively thin walls without feeling that I'm imposing myself on my neighbours to any significant degree.

Cons: Its effectiveness means that it does alter the sound of the instrument quite a bit, but that strikes me as the general idea!

Other: It's fairly hefty, so keeping it in a pocket separate to the instrument (and particularly to any bows) might be a good idea to save any accidents.

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16/06/2011 22:58
Ascot, United Kingdom


Great Mute buy one
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Pros: I live in a flat and did not want to upset my neighbours with my learning. This mute was the solution now I can play without worry. It mutes significantly but not so much that you lose the feel. In fact I like it so much it takes a bit of getting used to full sound when i remove it. Well made and works.

Cons: The only thing about this mute I didn't like was the plastic box it came in which cracked withing minutes of opening it. As it live on my bridge that's not an issue.

Other: Great mute buy one.

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18/01/2011 14:47
Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Efficient, rubber coating protects bridge, heavy.
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Pros: Very efficient muting, ideal for practice where no volume permissible. Rubber covering negates the possibility of damage to the bridge.

Cons: The mute is heavy (that's probably why it works so well!), so great care must be taken in usage - if you forgot it was on the cello, you moved the instrument and the mute fell, then it could possibly cause damage.

Other: Would recommend!

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14/09/2017 16:06
East Grinstead, United Kingdom


Good quality mute making practising less intrusive
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Pros: Mutes the sound while retaining a good and strong tone; does not muffle the cello.

Cons: I have a wide and thick bridge and cannot get the mute on as far as I would like, but it doesn't fall off and still makes the cello quiet enough to practise without disturbing the neighbours!

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18/11/2021 20:34
Tavistock, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: good quality, works really well

Cons: None

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19/04/2017 13:45
Baldock, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

The perfect practice mute

Pros: I can practice for hours on end without being too antisocial. The sound of the cello with the mute is ok and doesn't fatigue the ear. Because the cello is so quiet, it tends to make me work the instrument harder, however, then when playing without the mute, it is VERY loud :)

Cons: The screws kept falling out so a little loctite was required.

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19/01/2017 17:02
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Good effective mute.

Pros: Rubber coated metal mute -Read up on Cello mutes before purchase & this was the best value type for muting. Product is smaller than I expected and although my Cello is still not as quiet as I'd like, (I live in a dorm with plasterboard walls) its definitely made a big improvement in terms of sound reduction.

Cons: Apparently I have to criticise the mute... uhh let's see... there's supposedly a risk of it falling off & damaging the Cello due to its weight... though I can't imagine how it could both fall off and impact my Cello... unless I was swinging the Cello around or something?

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27/07/2016 18:05
Kingston upon thames, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: Significantly decreases the volume

Cons: Nothing

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29/11/2012 16:10
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nothing more to say
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Pros: It replaced one which somehow got lost. It does the required job most satisfactorily.

Cons: Nothing wrong with the mute. Something wrong with my playing, though.

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