Clarity Hypo-Allergenic Rosin by Super Sensitive

By Super Sensitive

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For professional and advanced players. Hypo-allergenic. Made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound that substantially improves the properties of rosin producing a clear string response.

The hydrophobic material resists absorption of moisture making it unaffected by humidity, keeping its tack or effectiveness over time. Non-corrosive to instrument varnish.

N.B. Although this product is described by the manufacturer as hypo-allergenic no warranty is given or implied by us regarding the suitability of this rosin for people with an allergy to bow rosin.


  • Hypo-allergenic rosin
  • Made in USA

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13/06/2014 11:48
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Hypoallergenic Violin Rosin - Clarity.
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: After an operation for a detached retina, I found that conventional rosins irritated the eye and this effectively kept me away from playing. However, at my medical consultants suggestion I tried the Clarity hypo-allergenic rosin to be easier on the system and I am now once again playing the violin.

Cons: It doesn't have the same grip as other rosins, but this might get better as I continue using it and it does allow me to get back to my passion of playing music.

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01/03/2016 08:20
Bielefeld, Germany


1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Very good service and fast delivery will use again.

Cons: N/A

Other: None

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27/04/2012 20:29
Burry Port, United Kingdom


Good service, poor product.
3 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: Less allergenic than Guipel hypoallergenic rosin.

Cons: Barely works.

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21/12/2012 08:35
Goodwick, United Kingdom


I think my remarks cover the situation
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Pros: I am trusting it will solve a serious allergy problem I have. It will however take some time before I can confirm this.

Cons: No.thing

Other: I will let you know if this does not solve the problem.

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