Coda Diamond SX Violin Bow

By Codabow

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The diamond SX offers the professional musician an affordable bow for everyday use. Finely weighted and balanced diamond weave graphite stick with 100% acoustic Kevlar core. A bow for the professional, affordable by all.

The SX Diamond features a more flexible stick than the NX with a balance point slightly towards the frog from centre which makes it perfect for advanced students whilst ensuring a positive feel for professionals and producing a focused, bright tone.

The bow has a neutral, even feel for good control along the entire length of the stick. This helps students develop their technique on a bow without idiosyncrasies.

These bows can be rehaired in the traditional manner and as such should give no problems for a qualified bow repairer, thereby ensuring a lifetime of service equal to any traditional wooden bow.

Its modern, sleek black finish hints at its underlying control, and its focused timbre is perfect for cutting through the soundwall at outdoor or acoustically-challenged venues. The SX Diamond bow is built for the travelling or gigging musician wanting durability without compromising professional performance.


  • 100% Kevlar acoustic core
  • Premium grade Graphite Diamond weave stick with natural graphite tint.
  • Traditional design frog in engineered Xebony by Walter Paulus, Germany.
  • Sterling silver inlay Coda logo, nickel silver fittings and graphite weave slide.
  • Nickel silver wire lapping with Moroccan goatskin thumb grip.
  • Traditionally haired with finest Stallion hair. Rehair in the normal manner.
  • Individually serial numbered, 10 year guarantee through online registration.
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 60 grams
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
19/09/2014 11:36
Cheadle, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

No worry about bowing left hand dominates
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: same weight as my pernambuco bow but much stiffer. Made the G string sound very easily especial when playing pp which is why I wanted a new bow. Bouncing bow strokes easy to control and strong attack possible on up and down stroke

Cons: Not natural wood

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22/02/2018 21:44
Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good high quality bow for lighter playing

Pros: Good balance, quite light, and reasonably smooth.

Cons: For my playing style, I found it quite bouncy

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Paul Hibbins
19/10/2015 13:55
Blandford Forum, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A beautiful bow which is a pleasure to use

Pros: A beautifully balanced bow at a competitive price which is a pleasure to use.

Cons: So far none

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08/11/2014 23:55
Macclesfield, United Kingdom


An attractive bow which produces a clear sound.
2 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I bought this bow because I had realised my cheap bow produced a very fuzzy, woolly sound - but when I bought the cheap bow only six months ago it seemed to me to produce the best sound amongst the bows available. I concluded the fuzzy sound seemed better because it was covering up my poor playing and I decided to buy a new bow on the basis that it was recommended as being capable of producing a good sound, not because it sounded better when I was making a hash of playing. This bow seemed to be highly recommended so I chose it. When it arrived I was pleased that it looks better and brighter than its picture, but initially I thought it sounded no better than the old bow. Within a day, however, I found I was playing with a concentrated tone quite unlike the fuzzy, unfocussed sound I still get if I use the old bow. A month later I really think my strategy has paid off and that this is a bow capable of producing a very good tone. I am slowly learning to use it properly.

Cons: A wooden bow would suit the appearance of my fiddle better because the instrument is quite light-coloured and has a rough-hewn look but this bow is very dark, smooth and shiny. It was obvious, however, that a good wooden bow would cost more than it was reasonable for me to spend at this stage, and this one is more attractive than I expected.

Other: The link for tracking the parcel does not work. I have noticed this before. The parcel is delivered before the site shows it as having been received to be tracked. There is another post office site which does work if you put in the parcel number and I found it this time and was able to be in to receive the delivery.

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29/12/2015 07:31
Walsall, United Kingdom


Good No.2.
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: As the GX in quality, Delivered without rosin therefore very good for quiet practice! This enabled me to test the quality of the hair which is excellent and non- scratchy. A very good second bow for my second instrument and for practice and back-up. Avoids the use of pernambuco with its long term instabilty and liabilty to fracture.

Cons: Prefer the GX overall.

Other: The GX is probably better for the soloist or leader, SX for second fiddle and modest personalities.

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