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Coda Prodigy Violin Bow

By Codabow

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The entry level Coda bow boasts a blended Kevlar core with diamond weave graphite exterior to produce a well balanced stick with excellent strength/sensitivity ratio.

The Coda range of bows are all made in the USA using modern materials to produce bows which offer consistent performance and reliability which inspires confidence and playing enjoyment for all standards of player. The use of man made materials for every component, hair excluded, means the bows are extremely practical in everyday use. The sticks are string and remain straight and with the correct camber. The adjustment mechanisms are precision made for smooth action and easy hair tensioning. Rehairing is in the traditional manner and any experienced bow maker will have no difficulty in rehairing these bows.

Coda bows are our biggest selling bows at their price point and represent excellent value for money across the product range.

This bow is available on approval. For details click here

Unless stated otherwise all our bows are supplied with a starter coat of premium quality William Salchow rosin. Good, fresh rosin is essential to obtain the best performance from any bow.


  • Blended Kevlar core with diamond weave graphite exterior.
  • Traditional style frog by W. Paulus of Germany in Xebony with nickel silver fittings.
  • Sterling silver lapping with leather thumbgrip.
  • Weight: 60 grams
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
Violinist's Parent
25/05/2011 11:04
York, United Kingdom


Well made and does sound better than his old bow.
14 out of 15 found the following review helpful

Pros: I bought this for my 11 year old son who is currently working towards Grade 5, as his violin teacher had suggested he could do with a new bow. I bought this bow over others as it has good reviews on a number of violin forums, and seems that it should be suitable for beyond Grade 8. It seems very well made and has a feeling of quality about it. There is a noticeable improvement in tone over his previous bow.

Cons: Not especially cheap (and a bit more than I had thought of spending initially).

Other: I am happy with the purchase, and my son has been motivated by his new bow(which at 11 years old is very important!) Feedback from his teacher is that this is the perfect bow for his stage of development.

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08/11/2014 09:43
Haywards Heath, United Kingdom


3/4 coda bow is a must for young children
7 out of 8 found the following review helpful

Pros: The 3/4 is fantastic. Light and well balanced. My young daughter was using a wooden one (generally cut down versions of a full size) for her Violin and Viola grade 5 and was always getting worn out. The coda bow is around 10g+ lighter and my daughter finds it so much easier to wield. Her playing has materially stepped up (and she is already a good standard) and her arm and wrist no longer tire. I only have good things to say about the bow. Her music teacher who has only ever used wooden bows loves it and is certainly a convert to a carbon fibre bow for young children

Cons: None

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18/02/2011 15:26
Saint Chéron, France

Grade 8+

8 out of 11 found the following review helpful

Pros: It is quite impossible to buy a Coda bow in France, impossible to try it, so we bought it blindly, and we are very satisfied of the quality. It is a responsive bow, well balanced, my daughter use it exclusively.

Cons: Nothing except the color.

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14/08/2018 13:07
Penzance, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great bow for this price, few compare
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I tried the Prodigy with two other Coda violin bows on approval (Luma and Joule). As Coda's entry-level bow I was really impressed. I think if I didn't already have a good pernambuco bow and this was my budget I think this is one of the best bows you can get for the money. It's a strong stick, held its own double stopping and playing fiddle style, light and lithe though stuffer than the Luma.

Cons: Only if you are comparing, if you want more power or more subtlety you would go for the Joule or Luma respectively.

Other: I have previously tried one of the Coda Diamond range and I must say the Prodigy compared really well to those, in fact I would go for a Prodigy over the diamonds which personally didn't suit me. I would recommend you tried this as part of any bow approval trial.

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28/12/2016 18:17
Newquay, United Kingdom


Good advice and excellent service.
1 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Excellent service and very helpful advice. It was ideal to try different bows at home and have plenty of time to make a decision. I am delighted with my choice. Ideal way of finding the right bow if you live a distance from a specialist.

Cons: No problems

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