Col Legno Standard Violin Bow

By Col Legno

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The Col Legno Standard is our best selling bow in this price range. Ideal for students to Grade 8. Carbon fibre stick with excellent balance. Excellent playing qualities and easy control. Rehair in the traditional manner.


  • Fully mounted nickel silver & ebony frog with Parisian eye.
  • Nickel silver lapping and leather thumb-grip.
  • Black carbon fibre stick.
  • Natural horsehair.
  • Quoted weight for full size model.
  • Weight: 60 grams

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
22/04/2019 12:25
London, United Kingdom



Pros: Bought this for a pupil. Works very well for the price and, of course, it can't be broken.

Cons: None

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Cyril Percy Fenn
14/06/2018 11:41
St. Helens, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A good quality bow.

Pros: For a standard bow I found it to be quite well balanced and reasonably light.

Cons: None

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20/07/2017 16:36
Penzance, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Superb bow for folk fiddling.
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Pros: I read several reviews about the Col Legno bow before buying, all positive but I tried another more expensive one out (Orchestra carbon fibre) and didn't like it so I finally bought this one. I also wanted a 3/4 size bow to travel with. I thought it would be a nice second bow but to be honest I can't put it down! It's brilliant for folk fiddling, simple tunes that I usually play. It's got a great balance and response and you can spiccato really neatly with it too. At this rate my much more expensive ipe wood normal bow isn't going to see much use.

Cons: None to mention.

Other: Great service, really fast despatch and nicely packed in a tube

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12/09/2015 07:39
Longfield, United Kingdom


A worthwhile purchase

Pros: Quick delivery and properly packaged. Bow is very light and feels comfortable in the hand. Need longer to really assess it's qualities.

Cons: None

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15/07/2015 09:02
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good bow

Pros: I am very happy with this bow. I find it more responsive than my conventional bow.

Cons: None

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03/11/2014 18:28
St. Bees, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very good buy for my level of playing and my needs

Pros: Nice and light with a very good audio capacity much easier to use than my previous bow and get a better quality of tone from my instrument though I'm still only settling in to it therefore I hope that this will get even better. A joy to practise with.

Cons: Haven't come across a thing yet and hope never to!

Other: Well worth what I paid for it. A friend bought a much more expensive bow and found that there was little difference between them, she was impressed too.

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17/06/2014 19:48
London, United Kingdom


this bow helps my cheap violin sound better

Pros: Helps my cheap violin producing a better sound. It is a bit lighter then my old one

Cons: N/A

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08/02/2014 17:42
Bury, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Col Legno excellent

Pros: Excellent balance. Lightweight. Pretty indestructible.

Cons: Nothing so far

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30/01/2014 16:48
Calne, United Kingdom


Worth the wait.
2 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I bought this bow for my daughter as her old one was not particularly good. She loves her new bow and it has inspired her to keep practising. It really makes a difference to the sound and we are all enjoying the benefits.

Cons: .

Other: I spent quite a lot of time reading reviews from people who seemed to know what they are talking about and chose this bow on the strength of those reviews. It was out of stock but I asked to be notified when it was back in stock and then bought it. The Stringzone were quick and efficient.

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02/01/2014 17:26
Carnforth, United Kingdom


Good bow and speedy delivery
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Far better bow than the one that came with my Stenter Student 2 package. Well balanced and not too scratchy.Very pleased.

Cons: Nothing. Not quite sure how far to tighten it. It doesn't have the same gap as my original bow?

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