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Corelli Cantiga Violin Strings, SET

By Savarez Corelli

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Modern, multi filament synthetic core strings available in three tensions. These strings fill the gap between a simple synthetic core strings such as Crystal or Dominant and high specification professional grade strings such as Obligato or Alliance. Designed for all round balance and tonal stability. Good combination of projection and warmth.


  • E - Plain steel
  • A - aluminium wound
  • D - aluminium wound
  • G - silver wound
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
20/03/2014 14:31
Eastleigh, United Kingdom


Corelli Cantigas - Decent strings
7 out of 8 found the following review helpful

Pros: Quick settling-in period. Tone is quite warm, similar to Pirastro Obligatos. I think they fit in the Corelli range between the soft Crystals and the brighter and more powerful Alliance.

Cons: Can't think of anything 'bad' to say about them.

Other: A good upgrade from something like Thomastic Dominants, if you don't want to pay for the more expensive Pirastro Obligatos.

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17/07/2015 23:35
Macclesfield, United Kingdom


Very nice strings.
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: The strings are smooth and loud and stay in tune. The A and e are lasting longer than the Crystals.

Cons: The e string tended to whistle when I first got it. I have never had an e string whistle before. I found that using slightly more rosin fixed the problem.

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11/04/2016 12:31
FARINGDON, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good value, lovely tone.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Lovely warm tone compared with my usual Dominants

Cons: Taking a while to settle in,

Other: Tried these strings for the first time on the basis of other people's reviews and I have not been disappointed. I have a fairly modern instrument, 1980's German. These strings produce a much warmer tone than my usual brand of strings (Dominants). Particularly pleased with the E-string. They are taking a while to bed in (still re-tuning much more frequently than usual, even after 3 weeks) but it's getting better and is definitely worth persisting with for the improvement in tone. I will certainly be buying these again!

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18/03/2018 19:15
Stanley Crook, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nice - better than some more expensive strings.

Pros: Nice warm tone, start sounding nice immediately they are fitted. I have a late 19th century German violin that is quite loud and raucous, I find these strings give a great sound and mellow it out slightly without making it quiet. Started on Dominant and Zyex and moved to Obligato last time, but I prefer these of all of them and the price is a nice bonus.

Cons: Not a major hassle but as noted by others these take a little while to stabilise. Be prepared to tune your fiddle quite a bit for the first two or three weeks.

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09/01/2018 16:44
Leicester, United Kingdom


A disappointing set of strings.

Pros: The strings settled quickly and didn't need a lot of retuning.

Cons: I am not happy with the response and tone of these strings compared to other strings I have used. My previous set were Warchal strings which I prefer and would go back to. I chose the Corelli strings because I was advised to use a lighter gauge string on my violin due to its age. I have not used Corelli strings before and would not choose them again.

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10/03/2017 13:36
Malvern, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A little extra but well worth trying

Pros: Extremely impressed as using on my Bridge Aquila. Previously always used Dominant so a good result.

Cons: Nothing

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