Dominant Cello Strings, SET

By Thomastik

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Set of 4 strings Chromesteel on Perlon. Small sizes available in medium tension only.

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  • Chromesteel on Perlon (nylon)
  • Made in Austria

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
mrs lewars
24/03/2011 18:13
montacute, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Brighter tone with Dominant strings
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: The strings have made a fair difference to the tone of my playing; it is brighter and more resonant and the cello is consequently more rewarding to work on.

Cons: Slightly harsh to start with, but settled quickly into a good tone.

Other: Good service - very prompt and cost-effective.

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Emily Burridge
14/07/2015 18:09
London , United Kingdom


Reliable service and product
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Excellent strings which suit my cello

Cons: Metallic edge which took a while to disperse

Other: Great service from String Zone

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11/09/2015 19:18
Leicester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great service, strings with character
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Great service, good price, arrived quickly. Strings have character, being synthetic they sound a little different to standard steel. G string sounds mellow and rich D string is star of the show. Rich with overtones and is especially good for softer phrases. A is interesting, lots of overtones very 'gutty'. Now some people won't like this and will describe it as gritty. Personally I like it (and the fact it doesn't have shrill pierce as some a strings have)

Cons: C string is a little hard to activate for short notes - c and g a but forced sounding at 4th position and beyond.. may be a quirk of my cello.... Or technique. I must add these aren't the loudest strings nut I have no issue with that

Other: Been playing these strings for a couple of weeks, still improving in sound, still stretching a little

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23/02/2011 14:44
Zürich area, Switzerland


Transformed cheap instrument to sound good
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Excellent. Made a huge difference to the sound of our new beginner cello.

Cons: I have to put something here. They cost almost half of what we paid for the cello but they were well worth it. It was a cheap cello.

Other: They were thicker than the strings we replaced, so they were fiddly to fit, particularly the C string. Ideally I should probably have replaced the tuning adjuster as well.

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31/01/2011 11:11
London, United Kingdom


efficient and good value service
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: My daughter's cello teacher was impressed by the reasonable price. He had specified Dominant strings for her new cello

Cons: No Cons!

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04/12/2020 09:04
Paisley, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great value - smooth, mellow sound.

Pros: I fitted these to a new East European Montagnana cello partly as an experiment to use as a comparison between synthetic gut and steel strings. They took a considerable time to settle in to tuning, but I am sure that is partly due to the cello being strung for the first time. They have a beautiful mellow sound and very balanced across all strings. To get volume you have to push them very hard, but I expected this from synthetic strings. I have no idea how they would sound on a plywood cello. They are very good value for the price.

Cons: None

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Mrs Amanda Coxen
25/10/2016 13:23
Eastbourne, United Kingdom


Excellent website and customer service

Pros: Excellent service. I wasn't sure if the strings I was ordering for my son's cello were right. I called and spoke to a very helpful person who confirmed that they were the right strings and within a few days they had arrived. Will definitely use this website again.

Cons: All good.

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Mrs Williamson
13/09/2016 17:36
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great Service

Pros: Great phone manner know their stock did what they said they would do... good price all round great service.. Mary

Cons: nothing i can think of

Other: immediate post out meant i have a replacement string in time for my concert.

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03/04/2014 00:19
Crymych, United Kingdom


Beautiful sound

Pros: Beautiful sound, makes cello sound expensive.

Cons: none

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26/07/2013 13:44
Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Would recommend

Pros: Good quality, mellow (but loud enough) strings.

Cons: None I can think of.

Other: I had been recommended by every cello and violin player I know to go for these strings - I was not disappointed. I too will now offer my recommendation :-)

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