Dominant Rosin

By Thomastik

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A good quality light rosin specially formulated to bring out the best in the famous Dominant string. Supplied in handy tin.

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09/10/2013 13:13
EXETER, United Kingdom


Well, it’s sort of rosin-ish I suppose….
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Pros: I got this especially to use on an instrument with dominant strings for best effect. Its classified as light but I’d say it’s more of a medium-dark Violin “rosin” to be honest. I’ve seen lighter, harder rosins – although in any case it seems like a very low grade/quality product to me – perhaps cashing-in on the reputation of the strings brand name a bit too much?! Some people say – why would a string manufacturer produce a branded rosin if it doesn’t directly compliment their strings? Answer – because they want their share of the rosin market too and it’s a good add-on sale! Nice storage tin I suppose… In terms of its basic function – yes, it provides some grip but with more downsides than ups. Very disappointed with this product.

Cons: I really expected a much higher grade product under the ‘Dominant’ trade name! This is shockingly poor quality rosin! VERY dusty and horrible coarse dark GREY (What that’s about…?) dust – like mashed up cigarette ashes! Very odd! I’m not sure if this is a batch quality problem or this was particularly old stock well past its best? A rather naff, very stingy amount of stiff coarse white cloth is attached to the base of the rosin – a darker coloured, soft cloth would have been cleaner and easier to hold.

Other: Nasty stuff! Would never ever get again – there are far, far better quality rosins in the same price band in my opinion….. I can’t really fathom the broadly positive experience of others - I honestly, personally found it to be a ghastly product in every way! In the bin I’m afraid. I’m giving it one star as there are no minus stars and that’s only for the tin…

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07/10/2013 18:09
Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom


Quality Product
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Pros: Good quality product against the cost if the item. Works well with the dominant strings I have on my instrument.

Cons: The container could have been better designed as it can be difficult to open as my teenage daughter found out.

Other: I would buy this rosin again.

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22/06/2012 15:31
Rønde, Denmark

Keen Amateur

Does what it should do
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Pros: On recommendation i bought a piece of Gustave Bernadel rosin. Maybe it was old and dry? It did'nt work for me. Constantly I had to wipe off rosin from the strings to avoid a harsh and brittle sound. With this rosin I am back to normal: From time to time I wipe off excessive rosin from the strings to get a more pleasant tone, but now at a much more acceptable level.

Cons: I still can't do a proper spiccato bowing ;)

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27/06/2011 17:56
St Albans, United Kingdom


A good buy for use with dominant strings.
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Pros: Definitely improves the sound. Had been using very old rosin. (Like the smart tin!)

Cons: None

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31/03/2011 16:30
London, United Kingdom


Does what it says. Good quality/price ratio.
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Pros: Very good quality product and reasonably priced Metal box helps to protect it and to stop it drying out too quickly

Cons: none

Other: Fast delivery. Good packaging.

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Dr Glyn R John
03/12/2020 21:48
Yarm, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A disappointing very dusty rosin

Pros: Not much - disappointed! It was OK with Dominant strings, but Pirastro Obligato and Goldlfex rosins did a much better job with these strings in different ways (ie more mellow or brighter respectively).

Cons: DUST DUST DUST . . Far too much very fine dust, like light ash as another customer has reported. Even Hidersine student rosin produces less!

Other: String Zone customer service GREAT as always - thank you.

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05/06/2019 13:34
Mellieha, Malta


It's a good Light Rosin

Pros: The Dominant Rosin works really well. It's sticky and creates a decent consistent sound. Mind you I have never tried any rosin more expensive than this. But I think that for a light rosin, it's pretty good. It creates an average amount of powder on the violin, but nothing too extreme. It kept up quite well in winter time even thought it gold quite cold here in Malta. Summer it's obviously good.

Cons: It can leave a lot of powder, according to how much to rosin the bow.

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07/11/2018 17:41
London, United Kingdom


Good all-round product.

Pros: Been using this exclusively for both viola and violin (conventional and electric with metal core strings) for a couple of years now and while I certainly haven't tried everything on the market it seems to do everything I need!

Cons: Occasionally the tin and lid seize together and can be surprisingly difficult to separate again afterwards. My only complaint!

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15/02/2018 11:15
Sheffield, United Kingdom


Much better than rosin supplied with the violin

Pros: As a new learner of the violin I had not realized that make of rosin made a difference, I do now and this is much better..

Cons: None

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23/08/2017 15:02
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good looking product

Pros: The presentation was nice - good as it was a present for my little sister who likes her Dominant strings.

Cons: Nothing

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