Dominant Violin String, E, Steel

By Thomastik

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Medium Tension, Carbon Steel
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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Plain (uncovered) tinplated or Chromesteel for those players who prefer a plain E.

To check your instrument size measure the length of the back (LOB) excluding the 'button' which is the thumb shaped extension at the top where the neck is anchored. Old instruments can vary, if more than 1/2" over choose the next size up.

4/4 - LOB 356mm (14")

3/4 - LOB 330mm (13")

1/2 - LOB 305mm (12")

1/4 - LOB 280mm (11")

1/8 - LOB 254mm (10")

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.

Please note Thomastik E strings are progressively being supplied with the bridge protection sleeve and ball separately for fitting as required. Please see the video and images above for details.


  • Tinned Carbon Steel (129SN)
  • Chromesteel (129)

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
02/06/2013 10:08
Cambridge, United Kingdom


A strong sounding E string
4 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: A good quality, inexpensive string with a big sound.

Cons: A more strident sound than the aluminium wound E string.

Other: I wanted to compare this to the 'standard' aluminium wound Dominant E that I normally use. It is still a good string but the sound is more strident than the more expensive alternative.

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04/07/2020 18:58
Nottingham, United Kingdom


Good sound quality.

Pros: The string sounds nice and has replaced my old string really well.

Cons: None

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08/01/2020 02:07
London, United Kingdom


Dominant strings are the dominant strings.

Pros: Dominant strings are the market standard for a reason. I also think Dominants are the best. It takes only a couple of days to stretch, after which pitch is stable even with weather change and different environments. For those who like that crispy sound, with orchestral projection, this is the way to go. Most cost effective. They stay lively and last a long time

Cons: For students, might sound a bit of a whistle. I would recommend it for the advancing student, grade 5 on.

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Edmund Jones
20/09/2019 07:44
Nuneaton, United Kingdom


Very good value.

Pros: Very clear response with good overtones. Less whistle on the open E than some others. Good price compared to some of the expensive strings.

Cons: The separate ball was too fiddly to fit and I could not find a way to do it. I will buy a pair of tweezers!

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