Dorfler, Germany. Brazilwood Violin Bow.

By Dorfler

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Excellent value bows from one of Germany's leading workshops.

Number 6 in the Dorfler range. A simple, correctly made bow ideal for beginners up to Grade 5 approx. For many decades the 'standard' student bow.

These bows are made from quality Brazilwood and ebony, traditional materials for many decades in the manufacture of student bows. Accurately made with great attention to detail these bows will last a lifetime and can be rehaired without problems.

Doerfler No.6. A 'proper' violin bow suitable for young students. Correctly made in a leading German workshop. 3 generations of bowmakers have established the Dorfler bow as one Germany's best known names for quality, value and craftsmanship. Bows for beginners to advanced student and proficient amateurs. This bow features a half mounted frog and is otherwise identical to the fully mounted model.

Excellent value bows from one of Germany's leading workshops. 1/8-full size. 1/8 size bow is branded Eric Steiner.


  • Nickel half mounted ebony frog with pearl eye.
  • Good quality round, Brazilwood stick.
  • Nickel silver lapping and leather thumb grip
  • Made in Germany
  • Brand: 'Dorfler'
  • Number 6 in the Dorfler range.
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
03/03/2012 21:17
Limerick, Ireland


Dorfler 'Student', Brazilwood violin bow.
7 out of 8 found the following review helpful

Pros: Delighted with this 3/4 size bow. Bought for my 11 year old. The price was good. The weight of the bow is perfect. She loves to play her violin with it.

Cons: The black tape needs to be stuck, that could be because she uses it so much.

Other: I would definately recommend this bow for students. It came very fast in the post, well wrapped. She is delighted with it.

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03/10/2011 20:55
REDCAR, United Kingdom


Very heavy violin bow
10 out of 15 found the following review helpful

Pros: Very pleasing to the eye.

Cons: A very heavy violin bow, violin teacher actually questioned whether I had mistakenly ordered a viola bow.

Other: Speedy delivery.

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07/11/2014 10:50
Rickmansworth, United Kingdom


Excellent service, poor product.
4 out of 12 found the following review helpful

Pros: The bow arrived in good time and was robustly packaged. The level of workmanship appears to be of a good standard for the price point.

Cons: The "noise", I hesitate to say "sound", made by the bow. My hope was that it would sound at least as well as my stock bow.

Other: I have a Stentor II violin and bought the Dorfler as a "backup" bow. As one does I used both bows, back to back on open strings as a comparison (same rosin): the Dorfler is very scratchy, has a poor, thin, metallic tone in comparison to the original bow. I think I would stick to the original until down to its last 5 strings before reaching for the back-up Dorfler. Disappointing for £81.60.

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