Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Double Bass String, E

By Pirastro

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Medium tension, Orchestra E
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Evah Pirazzi double bass string, E Orchestra tuning. Professional, hybrid string. 2 gauges in Orchestra tuning, medium gauge in Solo tuning.

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06/06/2013 20:53
York, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Superb Strings!
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Pros: I now have a set of these strings. The tone that they give it warm and vibrant, perhaps even mellow, but with enough attack at the start of the note that the string provides a clear pitch and note. What's more is that they project so well, particularly when they are brand new. The strings don't roll (twist) when bowed. The tension of the string particularly suits my bass and my playing. They are soft so don't wear out your fingers after hours of playing. A very reasonable price for the quality.

Cons: Apparently they fade more quickly in relation to other strings, but I haven't been playing with them long enough to compare.

Other: All round fantastic strings!

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23/03/2011 15:36
York, United Kingdom


Great extention string

Pros: Works great with the bow or pizz. Doesn't roll under the fingers. Great sounding string for any kind of music.

Cons: Nothing

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