Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Double Bass String, G

By Pirastro

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Evah Pirazzi double bass string, G Orchestra tuning. Professional, synthetic core hybrid string. 2 gauges.

Customer reviews:

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Mr P G Antonia
10/12/2016 01:10
Ilford, United Kingdom


A good string

Pros: An alternative G to the whine you can easily get on some basses with the thomastik Spirocore Wiech. Better than the orchestral Evah Pirazzi with regard to tension and reaction time. A rounder sound that blends well with light metal strings. Seems to bow well.

Cons: Not quite as punchy as the spiro core weich

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15/07/2015 13:26
Herts, United Kingdom


Great arco but on my bass pizz pretty shocking!

Pros: Responsive string with really rich, dark, gut-type sound. Reliable tuning wise.

Cons: Tinny pizz sound.

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27/04/2013 08:47
Surrey, United Kingdom



Pros: Great response, feel and sound. Very stable. Works well for classical and jazz.

Cons: Nothing (except the last one broke).

Other: Used as the top string for a bass tuned in 5ths. Works very well.

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27/05/2011 15:45
Cork, Ireland


High quality bass string- but not perfect!

Pros: Very little 'turning' of the string before it speaks, very warm core sound

Cons: Lacks extreme dynamics (ppp and fff), fast loud passages feel a little sluggish

Other: Very fast delivery to Ireland thanks to Stringzone!

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