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Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String, G

By Pirastro

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Evah Pirazzi Gold strings have a synthetic multifilament fibre core. They produce a brilliant, golden tone with a full-bodied and big sound from the very bottom to the top of the register.

The great dynamic range of these strings allows skilled players to explore both the finest nuances of quiet passages and create powerful sonorities when playing close to the finger-board or using a strong bow arm.

Very short break-in time, even shorter than Evah Pirazzi and Obligato, combined with a very high level of tonal stability in all climatic conditions

Gold G-string: This G-string is wound with a pure gold wire. It offers a round and full tone. Silver G-string: Very dynamic sound which emphasises a more brilliant tone


  • Sterling silver on synthetic core
  • Gold on synthetic core.
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
30/10/2012 12:53
East Anglia, United Kingdom


used in combination
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: I have using this with normal Evahs on D, A & E. Settled in quickly and sounds good in this combination.

Cons: None

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12/10/2016 07:17
Plymouth, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: Really lovely deep mellow sound enhancing my German 1887 antique violin.

Cons: Took a couple of weeks to settle in

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23/04/2016 16:38
Walsall, United Kingdom


Premium G string

Pros: The silver version of this string is very good but I a clear preference for the gold covering.

Cons: Tendency to fray at the ball end.

Other: Intelligent use of nail varnish prevents incipient fraying from developing. Rating is 5 when this tsk is done.

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14/07/2015 12:55
Malvern, United Kingdom


Highly recommend the Eva Pirazzi Gold.

Pros: I think it is fair to say this is the best string I have used. It has power and resonance and speaks more immediately than my other strings and with greater clarity whilst retaining warmth and richness of tone. However, these qualities I have particularly noticed in conjunction with using Salchow light rosin of late. Do not mistake this string for the other make of Eva Pirazzi (green packet), which sounds powerful, but in my view lacks the warmth of the 'Gold' version.

Cons: No cons so far.

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14/07/2015 09:19
London, United Kingdom


A violin string
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: My daughter was happy with it.

Cons: No cons

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13/07/2019 21:02
Yorkshire, United Kingdom


0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Great tone, stability, and sustain. Really responsive. Looking at this one string on its own, nothing beats it hands down as far as I have encountered.

Cons: I feel as though the silver version (or non-gold Pirazzi Gold G-string version) might blend better with the other strings in the set. I would advise to get that one (until Pirastro make a fully gold set version!?). Also, I wouldn't recommend buying the platinum E-string... *whistles*

Other: Watch out for it vibrating in sympathy with notes on other strings (the difference between a G and G# played on the E-string is quite vast).

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