Everest Shoulder Rest Leg

By Everest

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Replacement foot for all Everest shoulder rests.

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26/01/2016 11:07
Machynlleth, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good to be able to get small parts easily

Pros: Great to be able to replace just part of the shoulder rest and not have to get a whole new one.

Cons: None yet -except that the old leg got brittle and cracked.

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15/10/2013 13:14
Hoylake, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good replacement for slipping feet on Kun rest

Pros: Better grip than the new Kun foot.It is the same screw thread and can be used on Kun rests (using them on the Kun collapsible)

Cons: Only available in the equivalent of the shorter Kun screw length. Is ok on the chinrest side but a bit short on the the other side.

Other: Cheaper than replacing the whole shoulder rest if the feet slip. would rate as a 5 if longer screw length available

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06/11/2014 14:50
Battle, United Kingdom


Good way to avoid buying a new shoulder rest
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Pros: made a cheap alternative to replacing the whole shoulder rest

Cons: the original one should have lasted a lot longer in the first place, so wouldn't buy an Everest shoulder rest again

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