Pirastro Flexocor-Permanent Violin String, A

By Pirastro

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Aluminium on rope core, medium tension, 4/4 only.

The warm sounding steel string • • great projection • good modulation, smooth and lively tone • easiest response


  • Aluminium on rope core
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27/07/2017 10:13
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Preferred Russian A string
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Pros: This is my preferred string in a Russian style set up of steel A+E, & synthetic G+D.

Cons: I play intensively. If they could make the string longer lasting. It gradually loses some of the excellent qualities from when new.

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15/07/2015 16:55
Cardiff, United Kingdom


Steel A string with flex

Pros: This is the best steel A string I have tried so far. Though my testing is not extensive, I have not liked other steel A strings. They are too thin, too rigid, lacking in character. This string is just as the manufacturers describe. Harmonics are easy, as is the feeling under the left hand, better than any synthetic string I use. Tuning up to pitch, the string is just about ready to use right away. Buy with a tail piece adjuster for easier tuning with steel strings. As my strings wear down, I sometimes think about adding a tester. I have been intrigued by the Russian A string concept. The modern version is steel A+E with synthetic G+D. There are several different types of steel core plus their windings in different material. The core can be solid steel, stranded, braided rope, spiral wound, or the new helix. The winding on top can be aluminium, chrome, silver, titanium, or flat wound nickel. I think I would prefer the A string to have it's own character and identity, rather than a blend with the G+D. Alternatives I have yet to try are: Spirocore by Thomastik, and the Avantgarde helix by Warchal

Cons: none

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