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Foot for Kun Shoulder Rests.

By Kun

4.6 from 18 reviews
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Long (22mm) 4/4 violin & viola
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Long (22mm) 3/4+1/2 violin
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Short (15mm) 3/4+1/2 violin
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Long (15mm) Mini & Mini Collapsible
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Spare foot (leg) for the Kun violin and viola shoulder rest models indicated. Priced per foot.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
12/07/2011 08:43
Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Solves the height problem but creates another.
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Pros: Much easier to get a comfortable fit than with the standard legs.

Cons: The feet don't grip the violin as well when it is on a high setting and the whole shoulder rest can slide around on the instrument.

Other: Excellent service from the String Zone.

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29/07/2019 21:31
Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Pricey, but does the job

Pros: The height, for my long neck and sloping shoulders

Cons: I found it hard to tell whether it was properly aligned or cross-threaded in the hole, which moves as the legs fold down. Fairly pricey for a small addition when I have already forked out for the original rest.

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10/06/2019 19:58
DUNOON, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Perfect Replacement

Pros: Exact replacement for damaged old fot

Cons: None

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18/02/2019 18:51
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Good - does what it says on the tin.

Pros: Did the job.

Cons: None

Other: It would be interesting to know if the old feet are returnable for recycling and if so do you get a discount?

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31/05/2018 01:12
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Can't fault these feet!

Pros: Fits my 12+ year old Kun Bravo perfectly and grips the violin securely.

Cons: Nil

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Mrs M
05/03/2018 13:12
Stanton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Costly but necessary replacement part

Pros: Fast delivery

Cons: Expensive replacement part, but no so expensive as a new rest

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Mike Sandford
27/09/2017 10:08
Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom


A long bolt

Pros: I'm glad Kun do these extension bits. I bought one to use at the chest end of the rest, and moved the intermediate foot to the shoulder end. All much more comfortable.

Cons: Nothing not to like!

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22/08/2016 11:00
Mumbai, India

Keen Amateur

Long thin foot for tall thin people.

Pros: It was packed nicely, it was couriered nicely, it fits nicely, all that is left to be done is for me to be able to play the damn instrument nicely. Too much to ask?

Cons: Unfairly expensive.

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29/07/2016 18:54
East Cowes, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great spare for Kun shoulder rest

Pros: it was great to be able to buy a spare for my Kun shoulder rest.

Cons: Price.

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13/05/2016 13:02
Perth, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Extra long leg - for players with extra long neck!

Pros: Extra long leg for Kun violin shoulder rest fits perfectly, and allows me to hold the violin more comfortably without having to flex my neck so much. This is great, as I was beginning to get some neck pain with the shorter legs. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for a similar solution.

Cons: No cons.

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