Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo Violin String, E

By D'Addario

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Very popular E string by D'Addario USA-Please note product packaging now only quotes the catalogue code K-420 etc. This product has now been re-branded as a Kaplan string.

Universally popular among accomplished players and for many decades a top selling string.

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.


  • Tinned, high carbon steel
  • Made in USA
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
10/09/2013 22:32
Croydon, United Kingdom


It's the BEST
9 out of 9 found the following review helpful

Pros: Cheap enough but, boy, what an E string for your money! Recommended to me by most recent professor, who is a pro level classical soloist: I've used it under both ideal and adverse playing conditions; playing classical, folk, rock, jazz and anything in between. Even in humid or changeable environments, I get satisfaction from the Golden Spiral 'Solo' violin string's amazing playability and responsiveness. Under optimal conditions, you're soaring and a way, with all the control and expression your skill might deserve. It holds up really well over time, retaining its superb intonation and warmth, even as the brilliance, which practically all new strings naturally have to begin with, gradually starts to fade almost imperceptibly, over time. Even then, it continues to be responsive and retains the lion's share of its volume, body and character, always singing truly. If subjecting this string to less forgiving conditions, I recommend a simple cleaning down, once in while or as regularly as required, with a piece of shammy (chamois) or other preferred cloth. From experience - it's great for (responsible)gigging in a muddy field, on any size stage, busking on the street, playing at home or maybe in a church: it's the best string that I've put on any violin I've played so far, for both acoustic and electric performances. It's also the easiest E string to play artificial harmonics on, that I've tried! It perfectly complements the Pirazzi standard G, D and A strings.

Cons: Can't think of any cons - this is my E string of choice.

Other: The only time I needed to really change one of these e-strings, was after about 2 years. I change them more regularly now, because gradually the brightness fades, as with all strings. But these strings have rarely, if ever, broken on me. To be fair, even when they're faded and old, they still sound and work really well! Just a little dubbier, a little more mellow. I recently treated myself to a completely different string to this: a really expensive E string; a flagship model, in a premier range. I shan't name it. It sounded fine, but snapped clean, whilst playing a big tune at a big outdoor gig - about 2 weeks after I'd fitted it. I assumed it was bad luck, at the time. I was on stage at a festival, half way through a song. I didn't have a spare, but I had a loop-end Gold Spiral (which isn't even the correct type for my tailpiece, which has native fine-adjusters - but it was all I could find and you can't keep a crowd waiting). I just fitted that and continued to rip up the rest of the set satisfactorily, I'd say. Oh yeah, one other thing, these string settle in REALLY QUICKLY!! Now, about one month on, that Gold Spiral string is still on my violin, even after a few more outdoor gigs, a few more indoor gigs, loads of jamming and recording and generally being cruelly kind to my neighbours' ears, practicing Bach. But, I'd be surprised if it wasn't still playing nicely, even 5 more months from now: I've been using this brand for a couple of years now and I think I'll keep coming back. And that other, expensive string, which I treated myself to? I put the other one I'd rashly treated myself to, on the other violin, which doesn't get subjected to half as much bashment as the other, and that one snapped only about one week later..! Hmm.. I recommend the Gold Spiral 'Solo' over any E string, for any style.

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20/01/2011 12:18
durham, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

An excellent, reasonably priced E string
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: We have found that this reasonably priced string gives a good, clear sound, and blends well on our violin with both eudoxa and Eva Pirazzi strings. We prefer its sound and playability to other more expensive strings that we have tried.

Cons: None.

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25/05/2012 06:42
Bicester, United Kingdom


Worth trying
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Available in different tensions. Manufacture quality as good as any.

Cons: none

Other: I bought this string to complete a set of light gauge strings - just to experiment with a particular violin's sound. The light gauge sounded good and very responsive and easy to play, but I prefer a little more resistance in strings.

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10/11/2019 12:51
Currie, United Kingdom


Brilliant string. Whistle free!

Pros: I have used the Kaplan non whistling E string for years, but was keen to find a string with a better sound. I am a Scottish fiddler/teacher so I spend a lot of time playing pipe tunes that are heavy on the E. I took a chance with this string and it doesn’t disappoint. Clear, lovely tone and no whistling. This is now my E string of choice. I use Infeld red on my other strings and this string works really well with them.

Cons: None

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29/07/2019 16:24
Broadstone, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Best sounding e string Sweet with no whistle

Pros: Best sounding e string No whistle

Cons: None

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29/10/2018 11:23
Durham, United Kingdom


non-whistling E string

Pros: helps dampen a harsh sound, doesn't squeak or whistle usually. Fair price.

Cons: None

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12/03/2017 18:06
Doncaster, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Performance for price is great.

Pros: What a great E string. Price / performance is great. And lasted four months of constant orchestral playing before the sound began to fade a little. This is now my go to E string.

Cons: As the string got tired, the whistles became more frequent, but still not as whistlesome as I found the the Obligato Gold E

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Alexander Gurgan
24/01/2017 21:15
Craigavon, United Kingdom


Kaplan Gold e ? Fit one today!

Pros: The price!

Cons: Nothing as yet.

Other: I've been fiddling for about 30 years. Never progressed beyond a basic level. Played guitar in pubs, clubs and hotels (and sang) and did a few sets on fiddle as part of my act. Now retired from full time work I'm trying to improve my traditional Irish repertoire. I've started using Dominants and learned that it's fashionable to use a different e string as Dominants are accused of having a very shrill e. Can't say I'd noticed anything shrill about mine, but when fitting a new set recently, I stupidly put the A and the e on the wrong pegs. When putting them right I kinked the e which even though I straightened it out, broke when tuning up to pitch. So I thought "Follow the band," and bought the Kaplan Gold. ( 2 actually, as I have 2 fiddles.) I have to say it sounds fine so far - if anything maybe a little restrained, but then again, maybe that's because the Dominant e actually was a bit shrill?

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02/11/2016 14:24
London, United Kingdom






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29/12/2014 17:27
Manchester, United Kingdom


This E plays superbly with Jargar A,D &G

Pros: It SINGS!!

Cons: Zilch

Other: blends well with Jargar A,D & G

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